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Do You Have a Vehicle That Is in Desperate Need of Four New Tires?

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Tire company

You need to quit jumping around and making excuses for the real problem.
You need to purchase new or retread tires for your husband’s car.
The fact that you often make car trips that are at least 12 hours in distance one way means that you put a lot of miles on your two cars. Your family van, for instance, that has been paid in full for the last three years, has nearly 150,000 miles on it. In fact, the van has so many miles that you now are very selective in the trips that you make with this vehicle. The last time that you made the long road trip to watch your daughter’s college gymnastics team you were traveling alone, so you decided that the van was not the vehicle that you drove. The fact that your husband’s car needs new tires, however, also kept you from driving that vehicle. Instead, your husband d