The Different Kinds of Hose Clamps and Their Uses

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Hose clamp assortment

Hose clamps are important devices that can be used in a number of settings for a wide array of purposes. Lumley Robinson, a Royal Naval Commander, invented the hose clamp in 1921. Since then, there has been some diversification and they now come in a wide variety of sizes to be able to be used with hoses of different sizes. One thing that can be said of all of the types of hose clamps is that they work best in situations where moderate pressure is needed. These include home and automotive applications.

The hose clamp itself attaches a hose to some sort of fitting. Most often the fitting is a nipple or a barb. Its design makes it very useful when working on plumbing problems, car and household repairs. They can be used on hoses of different sizes and a variety of equipment and appliances. The ke