Sometimes, people can take something that seems impossible to fix and transform it into something magical. That’s the case in this video, in which several mechanics take a busted-up 2012 Cadillac CTS-V and build it up into a real vehicle with a surprising amount of power. They use a myriad of Cadillac CTS-V parts to handle this process and make their purchase more worthwhile.

The vehicle starts with the informative host explaining why he purchased the car and the kind of damage that it experienced before they started to work on out. They detail the various steps they took to tear it down, add to it, and improve its overall design and structure.

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They highlight the various Cadillac CTS-V parts needed to keep it strong and operational and even take it for a test drive.

These kinds of videos are fun because they show what hard work and a little knowledge can do. They were able to take a pretty damaged vehicle and, with a few Cadillac CTS-V parts, turned it into something they could use. That kind of process is a big part of the mechanic and auto body world and makes this video something that just about anybody will enjoy watching.