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Just How Responsible Are You As a Hybrid Owner?

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Honda civic hybrid battery cost

The great technological advancement in hybrid cars is their regenerative braking, and the battery recharging that is possible as a result. Braking in a hybrid vehicle allows for some of the energy to be recaptured, and charged back into the electric batteries for cars like the Honda Insight and Civic hybrids. Because of this technology, hybrids are great for the environment. Even though the production of their batteries puts out more contaminants and greenhouse gases than traditional vehicles, the reduction in emissions over the life of the vehicle more than makes up for it.

Because hybrids use far less fuel than traditional vehicles, they are very attractive to anyone looking to be more environmentally responsible. Consider that the Honda Civic hybrid averages about 44 mpg, and the very fir

Getting Mobile Advertising To Work For You

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Vinyl wrap orange county

Approximately 95 percent of Americans admit to being reached by mobile advertisements. Transit advertising takes advantage of that attention, capturing up to 19 percent of the outdoor advertising industry. Car wrap advertising has found a very viable niche as part of the push to create new advertising opportunities.

Your business can benefit from auto wraps by placing a full color mobile ad on your car as it travels around town. When comparing the vehicle wraps prices against other forms of advertising, you may find that it represents an economical way to spread your marketing message throughout the region. One of the keys of car wraps is that you are distributing the message d