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Four Ways Hybrid Cars Help You and The Environment

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Honda ima

Purchasing a hybrid vehicle is beneficial for a number of reasons. Hybrids use gasoline sometimes and a battery at other times. The combination of these two helps get maximum efficiency out of your vehicle. The hybrid battery on your vehicle is very important to your car’s overall performance. While vehicle owners can expect an eight year 100,000 mile warranty on their vehicle it is important to remember that the lifespan of a hybrid battery can be as low as six years. For this reason consumers in the market for a hybrid vehicle should know that hybrid battery replacement will likely happen at some time in their ownership of their vehicle. Gas mileage, such as the Honda hybrid fuel economy, is drastically

Taxis, Limos, and Rental Cars the Range of Corporate Travel

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Limousine rental

If you’ve had to travel for work, there’s a good chance you’ve had to deal with corporate travel. When it comes to corporate travel most people are either going to take a taxi or a limousine or rent a car, and it has never been easier to find a source to get you from point A to point B. The United States taxi and limousine industry, which rakes in $11 billion per year, is on the rise, growing 3.2% annually from 2009 to 2014.

Companies will try to help their employees out by setting up these affairs, giving their workers one less thing to worry about when in a foreign city. Scheduling appointments to get from hotel to a meeting or conference, or getting picked up or brought to the airport, are crucial aspects of any business traveler’s trip. These airport transfers are the most frequent, due to most busin

Golf Cart Dealers Provide New, Pre-Owned, and Refurbished Models for Sale

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Ez go golf cart dealers

Your 84 year old dad has never swung a golf club even once, but when he has guests at his home the first thing he does is how the company his two golf carts. The larger one, the newest model that he recently bought from a dealership in Florida, has a full second row of seating. He often uses this for trips around town to show his visiting relatives and friends the local sight, The other, a pre-owned golf cart that he purchased from a local seller, is what he uses when he goes to farm shows, farm auctions, and in and around his tree farm spraying for weeds.
Nearly 15 years ago your father discovered the benefits of having a golf cart to make his short trips around town and to and from the trees. Instead of paying