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Four Ways Hybrid Cars Help You and The Environment

Honda ima

Purchasing a hybrid vehicle is beneficial for a number of reasons. Hybrids use gasoline sometimes and a battery at other times. The combination of these two helps get maximum efficiency out of your vehicle. The hybrid battery on your vehicle is very important to your car’s overall performance. While vehicle owners can expect an eight year 100,000 mile warranty on their vehicle it is important to remember that the lifespan of a hybrid battery can be as low as six years. For this reason consumers in the market for a hybrid vehicle should know that hybrid battery replacement will likely happen at some time in their ownership of their vehicle. Gas mileage, such as the Honda hybrid fuel economy, is drastically reduced when the vehicle does not have a properly functioning battery.

Fuel Costs

One of the most obvious benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle is the fuel economy. A hybrid can save as much as 20 to 35 percent on fuel costs compared with traditional gas powered vehicles. The Honda hybrid fuel economy, for example will save you money at the gas pump. Those who commute long distances will appreciate the hybrid cars fuel economy more than anyone will. Another advantage of a hybrid vehicle is the ability to use battery power alone to travel. This is extremely effective during bumper-to-bumper traffic when you are not moving anywhere, rather sitting and waiting.

No engine Idle

Idling a vehicle wastes gas and contributes to smog and pollution. Many states are beginning to implement “no idling” zones to reduce this. Hybrid vehicles usually never idle their engine. Once a hybrid comes to a stop the combustion under the hood is shut down to eliminate any harmful pollutants and to spare gas. The batter pack of the car takes over at this time to power the electronic devices in the car. Once the vehicle begins to move at a fast enough speed the gasoline engine will begin to take over. For this reason, having a properly working hybrid battery is essential. Hybrid batteries take the place of gasoline, and they are just as important to your vehicle as gasoline is.

Fewer Emissions

Saving money is not the only thing a hybrid vehicle will do. Since they do not guzzle gas like traditional gasoline powered engines, they create and emit less greenhouse gasses. A typical hybrid vehicle decreases harmful environmental emissions by as much as 25 to 35 percent. This helps keep the air clean particularly when stuck in traffic.

More Money for Your Trade

Hybrid vehicles tend to hold their value much better than traditional gasoline powered cars. There is a smaller number of hybrid vehicles produced compared to gasoline cars. Since there are fewer produced, finding a used one could prove to be a bigger chore. The standard of equipment packages offered is usually a higher standard than traditional cars. This helps them hold more value even when trading them in.

Hybrid vehicle owners experience perks that those who drive a traditional gas powered vehicle do not. These perks are advantages to driving a hybrid, such as the Honda hybrid fuel economy and lowered emissions. Making smart choices, based on driving distance and conditions, when choosing a hybrid vehicle will help ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

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Taxis, Limos, and Rental Cars the Range of Corporate Travel

Limousine rental

If you’ve had to travel for work, there’s a good chance you’ve had to deal with corporate travel. When it comes to corporate travel most people are either going to take a taxi or a limousine or rent a car, and it has never been easier to find a source to get you from point A to point B. The United States taxi and limousine industry, which rakes in $11 billion per year, is on the rise, growing 3.2% annually from 2009 to 2014.

Companies will try to help their employees out by setting up these affairs, giving their workers one less thing to worry about when in a foreign city. Scheduling appointments to get from hotel to a meeting or conference, or getting picked up or brought to the airport, are crucial aspects of any business traveler’s trip. These airport transfers are the most frequent, due to most business affairs not being conducted at the airport.

Some companies will give you the option of which type of corporate travel you ride in, but for others, it’s set in stone. When you have the option it comes down to your preference. Would you rather have the control and rent a car or relax and take a taxi or limo and have to deal with chauffeurs? In a time where people are often sucked into their cell phones, some find having to make small talk an excruciating experience.

If your company doesn’t set up this transportation for you, don’t fret; with over 200,000 taxi and limousine services in the U.S. alone, it has never been easier to hail a cab. Maybe you want to feel luxurious on your way to dinner; there’s no shortage of limo service to make you feel like one of the elite. Many people want to be elite, and that’s why stretch limos are the second most requested vehicle for corporate endeavors.

Some people find traveling a pain, and a way to treat that pain is by traveling in luxury. Travelers want to be in comfortable vehicles, and when people think of taxis comfort is not one of the things that comes to mind. If comfort is your biggest concern, go with a limo or rental car and chances are you shall not be disappointed.

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Golf Cart Dealers Provide New, Pre-Owned, and Refurbished Models for Sale

Ez go golf cart dealers

Your 84 year old dad has never swung a golf club even once, but when he has guests at his home the first thing he does is how the company his two golf carts. The larger one, the newest model that he recently bought from a dealership in Florida, has a full second row of seating. He often uses this for trips around town to show his visiting relatives and friends the local sight, The other, a pre-owned golf cart that he purchased from a local seller, is what he uses when he goes to farm shows, farm auctions, and in and around his tree farm spraying for weeds.
Nearly 15 years ago your father discovered the benefits of having a golf cart to make his short trips around town and to and from the trees. Instead of paying for the expensive gas in his large four wheel drive four door pick-up, he simply jumps in one of the two golf carts, which stay parked in the attached garage, and goes about his business. Long ago when he decided and realized that during the milder weather months he was using the golf carts more than his truck or your stepmom’s crossover vehicle, the gas powered cars were moved to the back garage on the property.
Once winter sets in, the golf carts give up the priority parking spots, but this does not mean that they go completely unused. In fact, it has become your dad’s habit to jump up in the morning and check the temperature and the wind and road conditions. He seems to always be on the lookout for the next golf-cart-driving day.
Affordability Is One Major Advantage of Owning a Golf Cart
As gasoline prices continue to fluctuate between sky high prices and moderately affordable, many drivers look for a less expensive everyday travel options. For people who live in a small rural or retirement community a golf cart can be a great way to limit the amount of gasoline you need to purchase. Powered by batteries that can last two to three days on a single charge, golf cart dealers offer models in a variety of sizes. This two to three day battery length significantly outlasts the need for refueling a large four wheel drive vehicle guzzling expensive gasoline.
Golf cart dealers also tout model sizes that can carry anywhere from two to ten passengers so the less expensive battery powered option is available for more than single passenger errands. Although the batteries for golf carts can be expensive to replace, they often last as long as three or four years. the life expectancy of the battery combined with the length of the charge means that golf cart owners can see a significant savings in the amount of money they spend on fuel.
Cart Sales Extend Beyond Golf Courses and Rural and Retirement Communities
As golf cart dealers around the country see increased sales, it should come as no surprise that these popular vehicles are being seen in more and more locations. High school and college football teams, for example, often use a golf cart so that the athletic training staff can quickly get to an injured player with all of the items they need to provide treatment. Golf cart models that have a flat bed back end design are even able to safely and comfortable transport an injured player off the field as well. As soon as a football team realized the importance of such quick transportation, coaches and athletes from other sports also benefit.
Golf cart dealers have also found another avenue for sales of their product on college campuses around the country. Used as small maintenance vehicles, campus security vehicles, or for tours, golf carts are now a frequent site on campuses of all sizes. Instead of having visitors, for example, walk long distances on a cold and windy day, covered golf carts provide comfortable transportation.
In addition to high school and college athletic fields and campuses, golf carts are also an important and effective mode of transportation at trade shows, state fairs, and beaches. Elaborate trail systems at a number of retirement communities make golf cart transportation convenient, affordable, and safe.