For many people, the struggle to find parking is very real, particularly in city and urban and metropolitan areas of the country. From parking outside of the home to parking for a movie theater or restaurant or some other type of special event, parking can unfortunately be difficult to come buy in many parts of this country, particularly in some of our most major cities. After all, the data and statistics that have been gathered on the subject more than back up this claim. In fact, there are five major cities in this country where parking is especially difficult to find on a regular and consistent basis, and these cities include New York and Los Angeles as well as San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. though many other cities deal with problems surrounding a lack of parking as well.

Let’s look first at data surrounding parking in the city of New York, which does, in fact, make that top five list mentioned above. If you drive in New York City on a regular basis, it’s likely that you’ll spend more than 100 hours a year just looking for parking – in fact, the average driver in that city will spend as many as 107 hours over the course of a single year doing just that. To put things into comparison, the national average is only 17 hours spent looking for parking, which is still quite considerable. If you live in another big and crowded city where parking is scarce, such as San Francisco, you might not spend more than 100 hours looking for parking, but you’re still likely to spend way over the average. San Francisco drivers, for instance, spend around 83 hours and Los Angeles drivers about 85 – and Washington, D.C. drivers will spend as many as 65 hours a year.

This is a huge amount of wasted time, of course, but it’s a huge amount of wasted fuel as well, with drivers in any of the above cities wasting a considerable amount of money over the course of just one year. If you drive in New York City, for instance, you’ll likely spend more than $2,000 in just lost time and fuel over the course of the year. For most people, this money is essential and could be used for other purposes, much more ideal purposes and necessary ones that simply looking for a parking spot.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to combat this problem, even though it is a growing one in the major cities listed above, as well as in other places all throughout the country. More and more places around the country, particularly those located in cities, are offering valet parking services, which often just require a valet parking ticket. Though a valet parking ticket is likely to be commonplace throughout the many places offering valet tickets for businesses and even residences, the cost of valet parking will vary from place to place.

For instance, you might decide to get a valet parking ticket or even multiple valet parking tickets if you go to visit someone in a hospital, or even if you go to a hospital for medical services and attention yourself. Fortunately, the average valet parking ticket at any hospital location is actually more likely than not to be completely free. If the hospital valet parking ticket, if not free, is still likely to be quite inexpensive, with this type of valet parking ticket costing no more than $8 at the very most.

A valet parking ticket and valet parking services are likely to be offered at many other places as well, such as at theaters and even at apartment buildings. Taking advantage of a valet parking service at your very own apartment might seem like something of a luxury, but it has become more commonplace than ever before and many different types of people find that this is something that is quite accessible to them – and something that can certainly make their lives easier and even better. At the end of the day, the valet parking ticket and valet parking service can make life simpler.