Patience is a skill that we all have to learn. It is especially crucial when driving. We often have to wait at stop lights or in long lines of traffic to get to our destination. However, sometimes we get impatient and make dumb mistakes. In this video, you will watch an impatient driver make an unfortunate mistake.

Video Source

That driver will likely need to consider traffic violation bail bonds after this fail.

The date is August 30th, 2012. The video starts with footage from a dashcam. The highway is very congested with traffic. Movement has slowed to a crawl. Apparently, one impatient driver thinks that the traffic is optional. As the video goes on, you see this driver in a grey car pass the dashcam car on the right shoulder. At first, it seems like they will get away with their irresponsible driving. However, the driver soon experiences near instant karma. The driver’s view is obscured by the cars on the road, so he can’t see the upcoming guard rail. As the car drives by, it crashes into the guard rail where the shoulder narrows significantly. The car gets squarely lodged on top of the guard rail to the surprise and chagrin of nearby drivers.