This video will show you some car detailing tips. Car detailing is an excellent way to preserve your car’s interior and exterior aesthetic appeal. A complete detail involves in-depth cleaning of all non-mechanical elements of your car, including wheels, paint, seats, carpet, and interior surfaces.

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Rinsing your car using a pressure washer is essential when conducting a car detailing project. Ensure you have a suitable pressure washer built for your car-rinsing needs. Appropriately distance the pressure washer from your car to avoid any damage on the surfaces while rinsing.

In-depth cleaning is the next step in car detailing. The tools needed in this step include a washing solution, a foam canon, soap, dirt traps, and washers. Pour some soap and water into the foam canon before attaching it to your pressure washer. Start foaming the car from the top before applying the soaked washer in straight lines to reduce paint imperfections.

Finally, you should position your dirt traps at the bottom of your washing and rinsing solutions to remove the dirt attached to your washer during washing. Rinse your car using the pressure washer before drying it using a wool towel which prevents staining.