Finding the right accessible vehicles can be a challenge. Generally, they need a ramp or a car wheelchair platform for entering and exiting the vehicle. AT Conversions recognized this problem and set out to find a solution.

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In this video, you will learn about AT Conversions solution to accessible vehicles.

AT Conversions takes a preexisting vehicle and customizes it to make it accessible for the owner. This includes the most popular trucks and SUVs. This allows the owner to have the an accessible vehicle without sacrificing style. Many of these vehicles have their doors replaced with doors replaced. For example, the Gullwing door flips open to provide plenty of room to enter and exit the vehicle. It only takes about 25 seconds to open or close automatically. Ramps and car wheelchair platforms are installed as well. The vehicle owner can even choose to have the existing manufacturer seat modified. Each vehicle is personalized to the needs and wants of each individual customer.

The first step in converting a vehicle is replacing the floor. The default floor is taken out and a lower floor takes its place. This makes it more wheelchair accessible. The door is also modified during this time. Everything is hooked up to work by remote control. The whole process takes approximately six weeks to complete.