A puncture is a frustrating experience. As a result, it prompts you to look for a nearby tire service that can help. A short YouTube video titled “How To Properly Repair a Tire” demonstrates how to repair a tire puncture on your own.

Video Source

According to the video, the first step is to locate the puncture site. Repair and mark it off after finding the location. The sidewall of a tire should not be repaired, as this is generally considered a risky area. Before removing the valve, mark the area around the stem.

Next, determine the angle of the puncture. Use a smooth, well-lubricated wire. After finding the tip of the hole, mark off the area on the wire’s inner surface. Rubber cement must then be applied and allowed to dry before the next step can be completed: buffing the area to a smooth finish. Apply a sealer next to patch up the damage.

Make sure the tire is free of leaks and balanced as a final step. It’s essential to keep in mind that some tire manufacturers prohibit repairing their tires. A new tire is recommended instead.