Do you have a current project that requires you to expose the aggregate beneath the concrete to achieve a professional finish for the rough surface? If so, you may need to use a concrete sandblaster to help you accomplish the goal by performing a technique that involves abrasive blasting. Furthermore, the process also has other purposes intended to eliminate paint, grime, dirt, or even graffiti in an instant.

Before the actual sandblasting, you have to evaluate the texture of the surfaces carefully because the extent of blasting may vary depending on the concrete quality and condition, as well as the final outcome desired for the project. In addition, you need to devise an efficient action plan if you want optimal reconditioning for the concrete.

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Normal wear and tear over time can result in a lack of consistency in the cement and stone ratio for the concrete. And, often enough, the outcome is that the aggregate becomes less exposed, and you’ll have to restore the concrete.

Watch this demonstration video by Odell Complete Concrete, where you’ll discover how you can use a concrete sandblaster to get a professional-looking sand wash concrete finish for any project. Make sure to watch the video in its entirety to learn about several tips and tricks you can apply when you use a sandblaster yourself.