Who wouldn’t love to experience riding or perhaps owning limousines on their own, right? This article will know more about how limousines are made and their features.

Stretch Limousines

It was around 1928 when the first stretch limousine was built. It is known for its big bands and the musical equipment in it and used during special occasions like weddings, proms, and more.

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Building Stretch Limousines

Did you know that you can turn your luxury sedan into a stretch limo for about 475 hours of work?

An ordinary-sized car would be cut into half. The inside parts of the vehicle should be stripped away, along with other components like the gas tank and drive shaft.

The structure inside should be cut away and the floor of the car using the reciprocating saw.

When the car is cut in half, you need to wheel the back half of the car away from the front half.

Insert the steel frame rails into the front half of the car. It should be inserted into the back half of the car. The back half should be placed on the exact spot where you will assemble the limousine.

The drive-shaft tunnel houses the steel driveshaft and exhaust pipes. Then proceed with connecting new rails to the roof and installing other parts like outer body panel and other interiors. Once done, the limo is now ready to use.