Car tires are the most important part of the car when it comes to safety. Car tires expire and must be changed at certain intervals. This video shows how to check the expiration date.

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Car tires have a lifespan of seven to nine years after they are manufactured.

Factors Affecting the Condition of a Car Tire
• Road condition
• Temperature
• Weather
• Mileage

Signs Of Deterioration of a Car Tire
• Dry rot
The rubber starts to break down and crack, especially along the seamlines.
• Visible tread wear indicator line
These appear gradually as the rubber wears out, indicating that the tire needs to be changed.
• Bumps on the tire
If there are bulges on the tire, change it immediately as it can cause a blowout.

How to Tell the Expiry Date
Each car tire has an imprinted DOT number. The production date is shown by the final four numbers. The first two digits indicate the week of manufacturing, and the last 2 digits indicate the year of manufacturing. This will show how old the tires are.

Keep an eye on the car’s tire condition and change it when necessary to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and the car.