When you purchase a vehicle like the Polaris Sportsman, you might want to dive right in to the action. However, making sure the vehicle is running to your perfect specifications takes time and precision. For this reason, many people replace the wheels on the Sportsman with Polaris rims from the RZR model. During this process, they run into obstacles like imperfect fit.

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This ends up defeating the original purpose of smooth riding. Before you break out the toolbox, learning the best approach to whatever you’re fixing up is the best plan of action. Watch this video and find out exactly how to soup up your ride.

Whether you’re changing the wheels out as a style choice or opting for a different feel during your trips, this guide will give you extensive knowledge about the process. While doing your research about the pros, cons and process of changing out the wheels on Polaris rims, practical knowledge ensures that you have the best experience. Saving time and money adds joy to the experience of your Polaris vehicle. ConeKiller has the perfect modification guide for you to make this awesome ride work even better for you.