It’s actually no surprise that an alloy wheel repair can cost you a lot of money for each wheel. For example, if you pay around $140 for a wheel repair, that amount is almost the same as a brand new wheel. But if you think about all the work involved in wheel repair, you’ll realize that the high price charged by repair shops is fairly reasonable.

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One reason car owners want to have their wheels fixed is curb rash. Hitting the curb or other obstacles can lead to your car tires and rims having this unsightly damage. It can also leave scuff marks and cause deep scratches or gouges to your wheels.

Fortunately, curb rash is treatable and can be quickly fixed with the right tools and knowledge. As much as it is scientific, repairing wheels can also be considered an artistic endeavor.

Watch this step-by-step demonstration video by ChrisFix, where you’ll learn the processes involved in doing alloy wheel repair. When your wheels have unsightly scratches and curb rashes on them, it’ll be easy to restore them to like-new condition by following the steps explained and shown in the video. No matter how bad the curb rashes are or how deep the scratches are, and regardless of your wheel type – whether it’s steel or aluminum alloy rims – just follow the instructions to fix them up.