Discout tire

Pop quiz. How many wheels does your truck have? A- 22 wheels B- 20 wheels C- 4 wheels

If you answered A or B, this article is not for you. You are driving a rig, and chances are that you will not be getting custom truck wheels for all 20 that you have. But, if you have only four, then custom truck wheels are well within your grasp. And you have plenty of options to choose from when considering what kind of custom truck wheels will fit your truck the best.

Before we get into the variety of options of wheels for trucks, perhaps a little explanation is due. When I say Wheel, Rim, and Tire, what do you think? To most people, they are all the same thing. Only those with a regular, working knowledge of cars knows that there is any differentiation. To the average driver, it does not matter what you call them. But when you are looking to purchase a replacement, it is important to know the difference.

To begin, a Tire is the black, rubber part that touches the road. It is what your vehicle rests on, and has treads that make for safe driving in multiple conditions. The terms Wheel and Rim are actually interchangeable. They are the metal, round parts that the Tires are connected to.

There are different types of tires, but not much by way of real cosmetic customization unless you are getting a different colored rubber. Where you can really add variety is with the wheels. You can get different colors, like black and chrome rims. You can get the kind that spin after you stop the truck. And you can get them in a variety of materials as well. Not to mention just the sheer amount of designs.

As mentioned before, chrome coated and black are the most popular choices for wheels, but you can get them in any color you want, just like with the tire itself, as long as you know where to look. Aluminum alloy is a common material for rims to be made from, while steel is the cheapest option. And a whole wheel made from chrome is also possible. The material can affect the strength of the wheel itself, so be sure to pick the right kind for how you use the truck.

The fancier the design and material, the more expensive the rim will be. But it may be worth it. If you want to give your truck that wow factor that it has been missing, maybe it is time to replace those ruddy, steel rims with some black and chrome spinners. Do your research, check out what a variety of places have to offer, and you just may find the perfect wheels for your truck.