People who own RVs understand that it’s a substantial investment; as such, the expectation would be that they would do everything possible to ensure their rigs are in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, some repairs are neglected, meaning that owners need to take their rigs to an RV repair service. Which repairs should RV owners not overlook?
According to the narrator in the video, most RVs are built in humid areas meaning the wood used for all the cabinetry has a very high moisture content.

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As a result, when the RVs are delivered to dry areas, the wood panels start shrinking, which can cause cabinetry and doors to stop closing or opening normally; RV owners in dry areas should check for this issue.
Another area that RV owners should check for repairs is the roof. An RV roof is typically made out of fiberglass, which cracks over time due to direct exposure to the sun. A cracked roof can cause leaks in the RV leading to unprecedented losses.
The third thing most people forget to conduct maintenance on in an RV is the battery pack. When the RV isn’t in use, RV owners should charge their batteries and store them indoors.