One of the best elements of diesel trucks is how sturdy and strong they are. You can go through the most desolate terrain and still dominate them with an SUV or pickup truck. However, not every diesel truck can be trustworthy, as there are some unreliable trucks that you might avoid the next time you’re looking to buy a vehicle.

Anyone that loves diesel trucks should know which ones are the best models as well as the basics of diesel repairs. The Youtube video “I Asked Diesel Repair Shop Owner What Is the Most Unreliable Diesel” shows which diesel model you might not want to get and what are their main problems.

The host in the video went to a repair shop where most of the clients own Duramax trucks because many people in that particular area prefer GM pickups. The repairman knows a thing or two about the worst type of diesel trucks regarding Duramax power trucks or Cummins. The main issue in terms of LOI is electrical failings, but there are also some head gasket problems.

In terms of LML, some people might think that CP4 is the issue, but that’s not correct. For a brand-new truck with only 75,000 miles, they discovered that some of the cylinders and the gasket were completely blown off. Another issue is that some trucks had starting problems, and they found out that the regulators were not working properly.