If your car has been involved in an accident but wasn’t totaled, you almost certainly need auto body shop repairs. Before you take your vehicle into an auto body shop, you may wonder what the technicians will do to repair your vehicle.

In the video posted here, a complete auto body shop repair service is shown as a time-lapse.

Video Source

The car suffered fairly extensive body damage during an accident, so the technicians have to repair multiple body panels and remove dents from all over the vehicle. They also need to repair the suspension system on the front of the vehicle and the engine cradle. Since the damage was fairly extensive, these structural components were compromised.

Once they have fixed the structural issues, they move on to the cosmetic issues. They fill the dents, align the wheels, and paint the repaired parts of the vehicle.

In the end, the vehicle should drive straight again and look like an undamaged vehicle. Although all body shops take slightly different approaches to auto body shop repairs, this video gives a great general overview of how the service your vehicle needs should go. To learn more, reach out to auto body shops in your area.