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5 Safety Steps to Follow While Using a Floor Jack

If you own an auto body shop, you likely know the importance of jacks. These devices allow a wide range of vehicles to be lifted for repair purposes. From collisions to recalls, there are many reasons someone might need to have their respective vehicles worked on. In fact, statistics show that over 390 million vehicles have been recalled throughout the United States since the year 1996. Considering that, much of the work conducted in an auto body shop involves being underneath a vehicle. This usually requires the help of a jack device. With that in mind, here are five important safety tips to follow while using a floor jack.

  1. Start with a Reliable Product

    Statistics show that the average national cost to repair a vehicle is $356.04. Considering this number, your business can potentially bring in a lot of potential revenue. However, this is hard to achieve when you’re not using quality floor jacks. One of the most important safety tips to take before u Continue reading