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The Problem Of Drunk Driving And How It Can Be Detected And Prevented

Here in the United States, drunk driving is a real problem, one that has already cost many lives – and many peoples’ freedoms as well. In fact, drunk driving is so dangerous that a new person becomes injured in a drunk driving related incident for every two seconds that pass, and many people lose their lives to drunk driving as well, up to twenty eight for each and every day that passes by. And drunk driving is far from isolated here in the United States – instead, it is widespread.

The data backs this up, showing that as many as three hundred thousand people get behind the wheel while drunk, though unfortunately less than five thousand of them will actually be caught. It has even been estimated that the average drunk driver will get away with driving drunk upwards of eighty times before finally being caught and charged. There is no doubt about it that drunk driving is all too common in the United States as well as incredibly and increasingly dangerous.

Fortunately, there are Continue reading

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Do You Worry About a Loved One Driving While Intoxicated?

Az interlock

You son cannot get in an accident if the car does not start.
You son cannot drive drunk if he makes use of the technology created by ignition interlock companies.
After your son was arrested for two different DUI’s within a six month period, the court took away his license for a year, fined him, and required him to use one of the devices that had recently been developed by several ignition interlock companies. After the court ordered restrictions were lifted, however, you decided to make an offer you hoped your son could not refuse. You told him that if he continued to use the car breathalyzer you would pay for his insurance and the monthly fee charged by the ignition interlock companies. He never drove while he was drinking whe Continue reading