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Most Common Car Repairs

Automotive service

We all know that most car accidents occur within a three mile radius of a persons home. Do you know why? No, it is not because there are a lot of bad drivers in your neighborhood; it is simply the result of the fact that we drive in that small vicinity more than any other area. It is a lesson in probability (and that is why statistics can lie). Speaking of statistics, did you know that men receive more speeding tickets than women but women are more apt to contest them? Did you also know if you belted your seat belt for the next 157 days and drove 60 miles per hour non stop, you would reach the moon?

Even if we are not driving to the moon, we spend a lot of time in our automobiles. And autos, like most possessions, sometimes need a little TLC. As such, here are the most cited car repairs that you may encounter and which many need the handiwork of a car repair Belleville IL service. Replacing spark plugs is a very common car repair Belleville IL service. It is important to note that having a professional car repair belleville il service provider replace your spark plugs is very important because faulty spark plugs could take a dangerous toll on your mileage and catalytic converter. Speaking of catalytic converters, this is one of the costliest items to repair. If, however, you receive regular check ups from a car repair Belleville IL service specialist, it can be avoided. The number one most common car repair is, drumroll, replacing an oxygen sensor. This, too, can be done quickly by an experienced car repair Belleville IL service provider.

And before potentially costly car repair bills, there are a few things to do to keep your auto in tip top shape. Regular tune ups, oil changes, and visits to an auto repair service Belleville IL or car repair Belleville IL can proactively thwart many car woes. Continue your research here: