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BMWs are high-end vehicles that can require a decent amount of maintenance. To save money on your visits to the repair shop, it’s helpful to know how you can do some basic BMW services on your own. This video shows you a few ways that you can save money before you go to the repair shop.

The first thing you need to do is buy a CEL scanner for yourself. If you get a check engine light or any other type of indicator, you can use this scanner to diagnose the issue. Simply plug it into the port that sits beneath your steering wheel and let it do its job. You can identify the problem and see what the solution is. If it’s in your wheel-house, you can skip going to the shop.

The other thing you want to do is be specific if you go into the shop. The CEL scanner can help you do that. Instead of saying, “Hey I need a tune up”, which is incredibly open ended, you can say “Hey, I need my oil changed, and just my oil changed.” This way you aren’t at the mechanic’s mercy and know how much the repairs will cost you.

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