Who doesn’t love a sleek looking sports car. These vehicles are pleasing to the eye and the ears. However, sometimes the default paint is just too basic for some people. This is why people will invest in a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap goes on over top of the paint and serves as a new paint job.

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They can drastically vary in colors and designs. In this video, you will see some of the most luxurious car wraps in the world. While all of these designs can be seen on sports cars, any vehicle can be wrapped. In fact, wraps could be a great marketing tool for your business. Imagine an eye-catching wrap that simultaneously promotes your business. This could make a vehicle wrap great for companies such as roofers, plumbers, or other contractors.

One of the most impressive car wrap designs in this video was done on a Bugatti. The car itself is mostly a matte black. However, there is a bright orange trim on the lower part of the body along the sides. This same yellow is also used on the wheels which makes them really pop. It is a truly incredible design.