Hyundai dealerships chino hills

Founded in 1967, Hyundai brand vehicles are a multinational auto manufacturer with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. However, even though world wide are 6 separate research and development locations, with 3 in Korea and 1 each in India, Japan, and Germany, it is definitely not difficult to find Hyundai dealerships in los angeles, or most other cities in the United States.

Not only is it easy to find facilities like Keyes Hyundai, but the Hyundai brand is very popular in the US. In fact, in the year 1986, Hyundai set the record for selling the most vehicles during its first year of American business compared to any brand. That probably has something to do with why, if you are looking for a Hyundai dealer, you usually don’t need to look very hard.

The Hyundai company continues to this day to invest very heavily in American business and operations as its cars increase in popularity. So, if you are looking for Los angeles hyundai, Puente Hills Hyundai, Keyes Hyundai or beyond, you really shouldn’t need to dig too deep.