Driving with worn tires is unsafe and can lead to accidents. The Consumer Reports YouTube channel has uploaded an informative video on how to maintain your tires and when they should be replaced.

Check the tread depth for signs of wear.

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When the tread is too shallow, your tires do not have sufficient adhesion to the road surface and are unsafe. There are two methods to check the depth of the tread: the first is the quarter test. Insert the part with George’s head into the tire tread. If you can still see the top of his head clearly, the tread is too shallow, and you must replace your tires.

If one part of your tire has tread lower than the other, the tires wear unevenly. Typically, it indicates problems with wheel alignment, incorrect inflation of tires, or damaged suspension. You may also notice your tread is worn more in the center than on the shoulders of the tire. It means your tires are overinflated. If you drive on under-inflated tires, the tread will wear out more on the shoulders and stay deep in the center of the tire.

Taking care of your tires will extend their life and ensure your vehicle’s safety on the road. Happy motoring.