Regardless of the business sector, people and companies are seeking more effective and efficient methods of performing work. In the world of auto repairs, some equipment and tooling are made for the home workshop or small shop, while others are intended for higher-volume operations. In effect, they design the right tool for the right job.

For example, an auto repair business has numerous new tools for lifting your vehicle or its tires. The backyard mechanic can use mobile lifts that securely raise one tire. When paired with another lift or three others, the user can safely crawl under a vehicle’s front or back end or move the vehicle around, including lifting it onto a utility vehicle bed.

Larger operations can acquire battery-operated mobile wheel lifts to remove or mount individual tires without the technician needing to manhandle them. The lifts raise tires into position so the technician can mount the tire and tighten the wheel nuts. Alternatively, the technician can remove the tire and transport it elsewhere.

Another attractive lifting option comes on mobile maintenance trucks. These have vehicle lifts that fold into and extend from the side of a service truck. A primary application is lifting a car several feet off the ground so the technician can roll an oil drain tray underneath when providing mobile lube services.