San Francisco Airport has a busy fleet services department. It works hard to keep all the airport vehicles running smoothly. They ensure every vehicle, from small carts to big buses, is in great shape.

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This team takes care of 1,400 pieces of equipment.

They fix cars and buses that break down on the airfield. That way, the airport doesn’t lose time using them. Fleet Services also ensure that all vehicles entering the airport property are safe. The department inspects taxi cabs, buses, and even airplanes. Their jobs involve checking brakes and other components. If they find a problem, they won’t let the vehicle be used until it’s fixed.

The team is also environmentally conscious and is always looking for ways to use eco-friendly vehicles. They’re switching out older gasoline-powered vehicles for ones using compressed natural gas. Sometimes, the team works on special projects. These tasks can include upgrading old vehicles with new parts and adding new features to improve safety and comfort. In some cases, the department repaints vehicles to keep them looking new.

Routine tasks include changing oil, tires, and batteries when needed. They fix any problems quickly to avoid delays and clean the vehicles. Workers use service trucks for repairs and maintenance around the airport. Support vehicles are cars, vans, and other vehicles used for various tasks. Emergency vehicles include fire trucks and ambulances, always ready for any emergencies. Watch this video for more details on SFO fleet services.


Emergency vehicles include fire trucks and ambulances, always ready for any emergencies