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Drive Off the Lot in the Car of Your Dreams Today!

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In the past century, the automobile has gone through a phenomenal transformation. The horseless carriage, as it was originally called, had headlights that were first powered by kerosene, which is a highly flammable chemical. These headlights were responsible for a number of car fires during the infancy of the automobile industry. Also, initially, cars did not have steering wheels. Instead, they had tillers. Nowadays, early cars seem quaint to us in hindsight. However, when cars first came onto the market, people were amazed by their technological innovation. Right now, people are still excited by the ever changing technology of even the cheapest new car, and of course, people are highly enthusiastic about Nissan car specials.

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Learn More About What Car Transport Services Can Do for You

Atv shipping companies

If this is the first time that you have ever had to ship a car, it is also likely the first time that you have ever had to look for car transport companies. Car shipping services may not be as common as hiring rental vans for your next move, but they are just as important. Consider that vehicle transportation might take days, or months, depending on the company and the arrangement you have with them. Every car shipping service is different, so it may be beneficial to look for one that offers at least the two following services.

Vehicle Transport

Depending on what you need shipped, you may want to look for car transport companies that have other vehicle shipping services. Naturally, you will need your car to be shipped, but if you have an RV, or a motorcycle, then you will want a company with some flexibility. Many are able to do RV shipping, motorcycle transport, and boat moving as well. Even antique car transport is a service offered by some companies. If all you are shipping is your car, then it is important to know that you may have the option of shipping it by itself, or saving on shipping fees by having it moved with other cars. The trade off is that it might take longer.

Car Transport Services for Companies

If your move is occurring due to your employer, then it may be worthwhile to find car transport companies that offer corporate relocation service, and connect them to your employer. Using a corporate relocation service may be advantageous to the employees as it will ensure that the transported vehicle arrives on time, and that the business either helps with, or covers, the cost of the shipment.

Car transport companies are required to have liability and cargo insurance according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. In order to keep up with standards, many companies also choose to use ISO 9002. Choosing a car shipping service is easier when you know what services are standard, and what services are available that might go beyond your expectations. Whether you need corporate relocation assistance, or the shipping for other vehicles, make sure to choose a company with the experience and expertise to provide either. Helpful links.

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Do You Have Teenagers? Here are a Few Facts You Need to now About the Importance of Drivers Ed Courses

Driving schools in tustin

Millions of people get into car crashes every year. Though people do not always die in these crashes, there are plenty that result in fatalities. One of the reasons for these fatalities can be traced back to young people who have not had the proper amount of driving instruction before they are given their drivers licenses. Here are a few important facts that everyone needs to know about the importance of driving schools and plenty of behind the wheel training for teenagers and new drivers.

The ability to detect dangers and hazards on the road while driving depends upon perceptual and information gathering skills. It also requires properly identifying cars and other factors as potential threats. It takes a lot of time for novice drivers to acquire this ability so extensive driving instruction is always necessary. Teenagers also tend to take more risks while driving partially as a result of their overconfidence in their driving abilities. Young drivers are more likely to engage in risky behaviors like speeding, tailgating, running red lights, violating traffic signs and signals, making illegal turns, passing dangerously, and failure to yield to pedestrians. All of these behaviors have the ability to cause a fatal accident. The risk is increased by the presence of other teen passengers in the car. In fact, the risk increases with the number of teen passengers that are in the car.

Did you know that the first high school driver’s ed course dates back to 1934 and was offered at a high school in State College, Pennsylvania? When teens participate in drivers ed classes, there are often special cars that are fitted with dual controls. There are installed so that the instructor can operate the brakes and other parts of the vehicle during the driving training if need be. They are a great way for new drivers to slowly become more comfortable driving on the road without putting other drivers at risk. Automotive crashes cost the United States 230.6 billion dollars per year and the best driving schools have the ability to help decrease this number drastically.