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Picture Your SUV Sittin on 24 Inch Rims

Wheels and tire packages

How many rap music videos have you seen showing huge, flashy rims being flaunted behind scantly clad, booty shaking models?

Ever since the explosion of hip hop in pop culture, wheel rims have become a hot commodity. Everyone seems to be saying, “Pimp my Ride,” regardless of what it is they are riding. I have seen it all…decked out SUV rims, 22 inch rims on tiny red convertibles, spinner rims on pickup trucks, even ballin golf cart rims for the real Gs of the green.

My all time personal favorite rims? Definitely some of the awesome SUV rims I have seen. There is nothing quite like seeing an all black Escalade sporting some mint condition black and chrome rims. SUV rims like that are pure swag. They add a certain sort of class to any SUV or truck, but on the black Escalade, matching its chrome and black grill? Nothing compares to it.

Custom rims and tires are the way to go. You want to treat your whip like a three piece suit. Match and coordinate the colors and styles of the interior, the exterior paint job, and the SUV rims together to make one swanky, cohesive combination. It is amazing what effect just the right interactions of colors and styles can have on a car.

In my opnion, SUV rims are the rims that look the best. You can really go crazy with the size and gaudiness of them, and they look so overwhelming under such a large vehicle. I mean, tricked out rims on cars can look okay too, but in an entirely different way. SUV rims, when done right, just have so much pure style and elegance to them.

What do you think? Feel free to add your thoughts on the matter, tell us about some insane rims you have seen, or about the insane rims you are rocking. Just post a comment below!

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Custom Rims and Tires

View wheels on car

For the average vehicle operator, car tires are simply a dull necessity. Outside of the semi annual changes to snow tires and back again, we don’t think about them very much. For some, however, tires, rims, and wheels are a hobby. Custom rims and tires can add to the overall look and feel of a vehicle, making it easier to drive or simply making it look a little cooler. But, there’s a lot of terminology that goes into an understanding of the wheel and tire industry. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the options on the tire market.

Wheels are comprised of many particular parts. Though most of us think of each of the four units on our vehicles as wheels, the term wheel really only applies to the part at the center. The rim is the outer part of that wheel and makes up the outer circular design of the wheel where the tire is mounted. Rims are one of the most popular parts of a wheel to upgrade for cosmetic purposes. Among the most coveted are black and chrome rims, though more highly customized rims are also very popular. Rim size is also a major consideration, with 20 inch wheels and 22 wheels drawing the eye much more than smaller standard rims. 20 and 22 wheels would need to be purchased through a custom wheel outlet, though an online discount tire store might also carry such a product. Some even have a view wheels on car option to help with the shopping process. Other buyers prefer to by custom wheels direct so as to better ensure quality.

Though they vary much less than rims, tires are the other component of a vehicle wheel that owners frequently deal with. The tire is the rubbery part that actually contacts the road, and they need to be replaced periodically because of the wear and tear associated with such a job. Tires are fairly easy to find, with specialty tire stores, department stores, and discount tire online stores all carrying a wide variety of auto wheels. Where vehicles have had specially sized rims applied, tires must be purchased to fit the rim. So, for 20 or 22 wheels, specialty tires sized appropriately would need to be purchased.

The custom wheels and tires industry is enormous, and many vehicle enthusiasts would hardly consider driving a vehicle without custom wheels and tires. Though most of us are content to drive our standard wheels, specialty rims and tires can add a certain something to a vehicle that’s intended to impress.

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Looking Fly and Riding High

Tire discount direct

People need cars. They need to get places. Whether they need to drive to work, meet with friends, or take their children to soccer practice, people need cars that they can count on to get them to where they need to go. For a car to be reliable, it has to have reliable auto wheels. There comes a time in the life of every car owner when he or she has to buy wheels.

The main purpose of auto wheels is to help people to travel safely. When looking at wheels and tire packages, customers look for tires with good traction. The better auto wheels are at sticking to the road despite the onslaughts of ice, rain, sleet, hail, or snow, the safer those tires will be.

While it is important to have reliable auto wheels and tires that can be counted on for safe travel, a good wheel rims and tires package also provides a customer with a ride that is pretty stinking awesome. Custom rims and tires give customers looking for auto wheels a chance to make their car the envy of the neighborhood.

As with everything, customers looking for tires are looking for value. They need the tires to be reliable. Safety comes first. Given the option, people also prefer to have their auto wheels look as good as possible. An investment into a product should not yield ugly results. Customers must combine these two aspects with price. Any and every person shopping for any product looks for the best bang for their buck.

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One of the Most Popular and Reliable Car Brands, Hyundai

Hyundai dealerships chino hills

Founded in 1967, Hyundai brand vehicles are a multinational auto manufacturer with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. However, even though world wide are 6 separate research and development locations, with 3 in Korea and 1 each in India, Japan, and Germany, it is definitely not difficult to find Hyundai dealerships in los angeles, or most other cities in the United States.

Not only is it easy to find facilities like Keyes Hyundai, but the Hyundai brand is very popular in the US. In fact, in the year 1986, Hyundai set the record for selling the most vehicles during its first year of American business compared to any brand. That probably has something to do with why, if you are looking for a Hyundai dealer, you usually don’t need to look very hard.

The Hyundai company continues to this day to invest very heavily in American business and operations as its cars increase in popularity. So, if you are looking for Los angeles hyundai, Puente Hills Hyundai, Keyes Hyundai or beyond, you really shouldn’t need to dig too deep.

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Poquet Auto Sales in Golden Valley Minnesota


Poquet Auto Sales

800 Lilac Dr N

Golden Valley, Minnesota 55422

(763) 522-2000

Local Business Picture

Poquet Auto Sales is the largest and most respected pre-owned dealer of luxury import cars in the Twin Cities area. Drop by and see the difference for yourself!

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The Best Nashville Car Dealerships Can Help You Get Your Vehicle

Nashville car dealerships

Sometimes, shopping for a car can be really hard to do, but working with Nashville car dealerships can make the entire process easier. Many people know a lot about cars, but many more have no idea what to look for and this is why you need the good people at Nashville car dealerships to be your champion. Sales reps at Nashville car dealerships will do a lot more than find you a car that will look good on the road. They will take the time to find you the best functioning cars in clarksville tn so that you can be sure that you leave the lot with a vehicle that is safe.

From Nashville car dealerships, you find a wide selection of different cars in front of you and this is why you need Clarksville auto professionals to guide your hand. When you engage a sales rep from Nashville car dealerships, they will want to know some things about you and your family. They will also want to get an idea of what your needs are, how much you drive, and what you are willing to spend. Once the professionals at Nashville car dealerships have all this data together, they can use it to help you find the car that will compliment your particular situation perfectly.

In Clarksville cars are like people; no two have the same personality. Fortunately, somewhere on a Fort campbell auto lot is a car that matches your personality perfectly. All it takes is someone who actually knows what they are doing to guide you to it. As you go through the lot, your rep will point out all the vehicles that could be potential matches for you. Then, it will be up to you to select the one you want the most.

Once you get to this juncture, the conversation will turn toward warrantees and financing. Whether you are looking to buy outright, finance, or lease, you can bet that your chosen professional will find you a great deal. Furthermore, they will make sure you get a fantastic warrantee that will cover all the bases. In doing so, your car will be affordable, safe, and look good with you in it.

When you drive home in your new car, you will feel confident that you had a positive experience. Furthermore, you will know where to go back to if you need another vehicle. The right dealership will always take care of you.

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Stock’s Underhood Specialist in Belleville IL


Stock’s Underhood Specialist

321 Centreville Ave

Belleville, IL 62220


Local Business Picture

Stock’s Underhood Specialists is a National Award-winning service facility that takes vehicle service seriously. It has been said that automotive technology is not Rocket Science, or is it?

Let’s take a quick look.

In 1980 we began putting computers in cars. By 1988 the computer power in cars had exceeded what took the Apollo 13 to the moon, and in 2000 the Cadillac rear-view mirror had that much computer power. In the mid ’90s we began networking computers on cars.