Wheels and tire packages

How many rap music videos have you seen showing huge, flashy rims being flaunted behind scantly clad, booty shaking models?

Ever since the explosion of hip hop in pop culture, wheel rims have become a hot commodity. Everyone seems to be saying, “Pimp my Ride,” regardless of what it is they are riding. I have seen it all…decked out SUV rims, 22 inch rims on tiny red convertibles, spinner rims on pickup trucks, even ballin golf cart rims for the real Gs of the green.

My all time personal favorite rims? Definitely some of the awesome SUV rims I have seen. There is nothing quite like seeing an all black Escalade sporting some mint condition black and chrome rims. SUV rims like that are pure swag. They add a certain sort of class to any SUV or truck, but on the black Escalade, matching its chrome and black grill? Nothing compares to it.

Custom rims and tires are the way to go. You want to treat your whip like a three piece suit. Match and coordinate the colors and styles of the interior, the exterior paint job, and the SUV rims together to make one swanky, cohesive combination. It is amazing what effect just the right interactions of colors and styles can have on a car.

In my opnion, SUV rims are the rims that look the best. You can really go crazy with the size and gaudiness of them, and they look so overwhelming under such a large vehicle. I mean, tricked out rims on cars can look okay too, but in an entirely different way. SUV rims, when done right, just have so much pure style and elegance to them.

What do you think? Feel free to add your thoughts on the matter, tell us about some insane rims you have seen, or about the insane rims you are rocking. Just post a comment below!