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Is It Time to Buy Wheels for Your SUV?

Custom wheels and tires

There is no doubt about it; we love cars in the United States. We love them loud, and we love them fast. Increasingly, however, it is not just about what is under the hood but what is on the outside, tricking out our favorite cars. It is no wonder, then, that we see so many cars driving down the street with custom lighting illuminating their path while custom suspension gives them a low ride.

One of the best ways we can give our cars that extra something is by using black and chrome rims. Of course, if that is not quite your style, there are countless other options to choose from. Regardless of how you want your favorite vehicle to look, there are some things you need to keep in mind when you buy wheels, for your safety and savings.

  • Consider Safety First
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    As written on Yahoo! News, the most important thing to consider when buying new wheels for trucks, cars, golf carts, or other vehicles is safety. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure whatever wheels you buy have at least the same weight capacity rating as whatever originally came on your car. This is the only way to get your car looking great with custom wheels and tires without causing a safety problem.

  • If You Can Afford It, Go with Multi-piece
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    Josh Max of the NY Daily News writes that if you can afford it, then you should go for multi-piece auto wheels. With single piece rims, if you hit something and damage your wheel, then the whole thing needs to be replaced. However, when you buy multi-piece rims, you can simply switch out the damaged piece for a new one. This convenience costs, however. A set of multi-piece rims can run $6,000.

  • Steel or Aluminum Wheel Rims?
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    As recommends, when you buy wheels you have to consider the material they are made from. Steel rims are more cost efficient than aluminum alloy models. However, steel wheels are capped with a plastic hub, designed to simulate the look of chrome. Aluminum wheels, the more costly of the two, are the only way to go when you buy wheels for that true chrome style.

  • Be Mindful of Where You Shop
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    Whether you are shopping online or off, you need to be mindful of your supplier. The internet is a great tool for finding reviews, good and bad, about a company you are going to buy wheels from. Keep in mind that discount tire stores do not necessarily sell “bad” or “cheap” tires. In fact, many of them sell some of the highest quality products around. However, according to, “discount” can be code-word for garbage. Do your research to protect yourself.

Whether you want to put spinning SUV rims on your ride or you want something unique but low-key, keep these four tips in mind when you buy wheels. By doing so, you keep yourself safe while bringing style and quality to your car. What could be better than that?

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Need New Tires? What About New Wheels? Get Them All at Once

Discout tire

Pop quiz. How many wheels does your truck have? A- 22 wheels B- 20 wheels C- 4 wheels

If you answered A or B, this article is not for you. You are driving a rig, and chances are that you will not be getting custom truck wheels for all 20 that you have. But, if you have only four, then custom truck wheels are well within your grasp. And you have plenty of options to choose from when considering what kind of custom truck wheels will fit your truck the best.

Before we get into the variety of options of wheels for trucks, perhaps a little explanation is due. When I say Wheel, Rim, and Tire, what do you think? To most people, they are all the same thing. Only those with a regular, working knowledge of cars knows that there is any differentiation. To the average driver, it does not matter what you call them. But when you are looking to purchase a replacement, it is important to know the difference.

To begin, a Tire is the black, rubber part that touches the road. It is what your vehicle rests on, and has treads that make for safe driving in multiple conditions. The terms Wheel and Rim are actually interchangeable. They are the metal, round parts that the Tires are connected to.

There are different types of tires, but not much by way of real cosmetic customization unless you are getting a different colored rubber. Where you can really add variety is with the wheels. You can get different colors, like black and chrome rims. You can get the kind that spin after you stop the truck. And you can get them in a variety of materials as well. Not to mention just the sheer amount of designs.

As mentioned before, chrome coated and black are the most popular choices for wheels, but you can get them in any color you want, just like with the tire itself, as long as you know where to look. Aluminum alloy is a common material for rims to be made from, while steel is the cheapest option. And a whole wheel made from chrome is also possible. The material can affect the strength of the wheel itself, so be sure to pick the right kind for how you use the truck.

The fancier the design and material, the more expensive the rim will be. But it may be worth it. If you want to give your truck that wow factor that it has been missing, maybe it is time to replace those ruddy, steel rims with some black and chrome spinners. Do your research, check out what a variety of places have to offer, and you just may find the perfect wheels for your truck.

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Three Characteristics to Look for When Tire Shopping

Custom wheels and tires

It is easy to take for granted to just how much we rely on our tires and wheel rims to take us where we need to go in a safe and timely manner. Thankfully, you can buy wheels at a discount tire store that is stocked with various options, regardless of your particular need. Here are three characteristics you will need to consider when you currently view wheels on car to determine which replacement tires you should purchase.

1. Size of tire

Perhaps the most obvious trait in a tire, you will want to make sure that the circumference is large enough to comfortably fit the rim of the vehicle. An improper fit could not only affect vehicle performance, but the safety of the driver and passengers as well. The size of the tire must be appropriate to the vehicle that you drive.

2. Tread of tire

Determining the kind of tire tread you need will largely be impacted by where you live. For example, if you are in a region that experiences routine wintry conditions, you will definitely want to purchase seasonal snow tires with heavy tread, capable of providing stability on covered and slippery surfaces.

3. Load Rating

How much weight can the tires sustain? If you are specifically searching for wheels for trucks, you will want to pay attention to the load index for a given type of tire. This will indicate exactly how much weight each tire can safely support. If you use your vehicle for transporting construction equipment or other heavy materials, it is absolutely imperative to have this information.

After you view wheels on car you drive, if you still have questions or comments how to find the right tires, see the forum below and get the answers you need.

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Maintain Your Car With Timely Tire and Wheel Replacement

Wheel rims

As drivers, it is easy to take the performance of our tires for granted. With other mechanical issues related to the car to deal with, from engine failure and faulty breaks to a busted transmission, whether or not our tires need to be replaced is a consideration that too often falls by the wayside.

Fortunately with discount tire stores such as Americas Tire store, you can readily replace all the parts you need to get you traveling on the road again safely. While sometimes this maintenance simply requires that you buy new tires due to worn down tread or a puncture in your existing tires, there are sometimes instances in which greater structural issues need to be resolved.

For example, the aluminum alloy auto wheels that secure the tire to the rest of the vehicle can become dented or misshapen over time due to misuse, which can cause further complications to the overall responsiveness of your tires to the road Particularly, if you have not properly checked or maintained your vehicle for these problems for a long period of time, it may make sense to take advantage of wheels and tire packages, particularly those that are made available online. In many cases, outlets like Americas Tire store can offer you a tire discount directly from their websites.

If you have additional questions about tires, wheels, and rims, or you have suggestions about where to find the best deals, share them in the comments section below.

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Picture Your SUV Sittin on 24 Inch Rims

Wheels and tire packages

How many rap music videos have you seen showing huge, flashy rims being flaunted behind scantly clad, booty shaking models?

Ever since the explosion of hip hop in pop culture, wheel rims have become a hot commodity. Everyone seems to be saying, “Pimp my Ride,” regardless of what it is they are riding. I have seen it all…decked out SUV rims, 22 inch rims on tiny red convertibles, spinner rims on pickup trucks, even ballin golf cart rims for the real Gs of the green.

My all time personal favorite rims? Definitely some of the awesome SUV rims I have seen. There is nothing quite like seeing an all black Escalade sporting some mint condition black and chrome rims. SUV rims like that are pure swag. They add a certain sort of class to any SUV or truck, but on the black Escalade, matching its chrome and black grill? Nothing compares to it.

Custom rims and tires are the way to go. You want to treat your whip like a three piece suit. Match and coordinate the colors and styles of the interior, the exterior paint job, and the SUV rims together to make one swanky, cohesive combination. It is amazing what effect just the right interactions of colors and styles can have on a car.

In my opnion, SUV rims are the rims that look the best. You can really go crazy with the size and gaudiness of them, and they look so overwhelming under such a large vehicle. I mean, tricked out rims on cars can look okay too, but in an entirely different way. SUV rims, when done right, just have so much pure style and elegance to them.

What do you think? Feel free to add your thoughts on the matter, tell us about some insane rims you have seen, or about the insane rims you are rocking. Just post a comment below!

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Custom Rims and Tires

View wheels on car

For the average vehicle operator, car tires are simply a dull necessity. Outside of the semi annual changes to snow tires and back again, we don’t think about them very much. For some, however, tires, rims, and wheels are a hobby. Custom rims and tires can add to the overall look and feel of a vehicle, making it easier to drive or simply making it look a little cooler. But, there’s a lot of terminology that goes into an understanding of the wheel and tire industry. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the options on the tire market.

Wheels are comprised of many particular parts. Though most of us think of each of the four units on our vehicles as wheels, the term wheel really only applies to the part at the center. The rim is the outer part of that wheel and makes up the outer circular design of the wheel where the tire is mounted. Rims are one of the most popular parts of a wheel to upgrade for cosmetic purposes. Among the most coveted are black and chrome rims, though more highly customized rims are also very popular. Rim size is also a major consideration, with 20 inch wheels and 22 wheels drawing the eye much more than smaller standard rims. 20 and 22 wheels would need to be purchased through a custom wheel outlet, though an online discount tire store might also carry such a product. Some even have a view wheels on car option to help with the shopping process. Other buyers prefer to by custom wheels direct so as to better ensure quality.

Though they vary much less than rims, tires are the other component of a vehicle wheel that owners frequently deal with. The tire is the rubbery part that actually contacts the road, and they need to be replaced periodically because of the wear and tear associated with such a job. Tires are fairly easy to find, with specialty tire stores, department stores, and discount tire online stores all carrying a wide variety of auto wheels. Where vehicles have had specially sized rims applied, tires must be purchased to fit the rim. So, for 20 or 22 wheels, specialty tires sized appropriately would need to be purchased.

The custom wheels and tires industry is enormous, and many vehicle enthusiasts would hardly consider driving a vehicle without custom wheels and tires. Though most of us are content to drive our standard wheels, specialty rims and tires can add a certain something to a vehicle that’s intended to impress.

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Looking Fly and Riding High

Tire discount direct

People need cars. They need to get places. Whether they need to drive to work, meet with friends, or take their children to soccer practice, people need cars that they can count on to get them to where they need to go. For a car to be reliable, it has to have reliable auto wheels. There comes a time in the life of every car owner when he or she has to buy wheels.

The main purpose of auto wheels is to help people to travel safely. When looking at wheels and tire packages, customers look for tires with good traction. The better auto wheels are at sticking to the road despite the onslaughts of ice, rain, sleet, hail, or snow, the safer those tires will be.

While it is important to have reliable auto wheels and tires that can be counted on for safe travel, a good wheel rims and tires package also provides a customer with a ride that is pretty stinking awesome. Custom rims and tires give customers looking for auto wheels a chance to make their car the envy of the neighborhood.

As with everything, customers looking for tires are looking for value. They need the tires to be reliable. Safety comes first. Given the option, people also prefer to have their auto wheels look as good as possible. An investment into a product should not yield ugly results. Customers must combine these two aspects with price. Any and every person shopping for any product looks for the best bang for their buck.

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Buying Rims and Tires at a Discount

Varying with the type of drive system, car tires wear down with time. The wearing mostly happens unevenly in different vehicles. It is hard to control the wearing out of your tires. For this reason, you are recommended to go for tire service. This service helps you maintain reasonable control when driving as well as increasing the durability of your tires. In return, you save money. It is advisable to check your tires regularly: at least once per month. Be in control of your vehicle and contact with the road. Take care of your tires.

Where can you get a budget tire shop?

Every time you visit the shop for purchases, the first thing you look into is the affordability. What is your budget? Where can you get direct tire sales? Getting a shop with the best prices for tires is crucial for your car. You no longer have to worry about finding a budget tire shop. Getting one is as easy as going through different online platforms. Find out how much various shops are selling the car tires you are looking for.

Can you bargain tires and wheels?

Being a significant factor, price should not compromise the car tire specials to uphold safety. visiting the shop physically for direct car tire sales may be cheap since you can successfully bargain tires and wheels.

If you’re looking for rims for cheap, you can find them at a number of different discount tire stores. Many of the larger outlets also have discount tire stores online, and you can find rims and tires packages, wheels and tire packages, and wheels for trucks or cars. Americas Tire Store also offers custom rims and tires, if you are looking to “pimp your ride” instead of replacing a flat tire or broken rim. Car repairs and aesthetic improvements can be very expensive, but using a discount tire store is an easy way to fix or improve your vehicle without spending a fortune.

The rims for cheap that these discount tire stores sell come in a variety of colors and sizes. They also offer rims for all sorts of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and golf carts. Some of these rims have designs or can be customized with your own design or logo. However, there are a number of things to consider when ordering rims, especially from an online store. Be sure to measure your tires (or purchase tires of the correct diameter) for the rims you would like to order. Buying rims for cheap will not help you at all if you have to go out and buy new ones because your measurements were incorrect.

If you are going to buy rims of a certain color or with designs, it is advisable to consider the aesthetics of the color with your vehicle’s paint color. For example, orange rims would not be the optimal choice for a green car. There are classic, stylish options like black and chrome rims that can be used by almost anyone. Rims for cheap at a discount online store can often be found at discount tires locations across the country. They range over a variety of brands, and it is advisable for consumers to research the product before selecting and paying for one.

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Massive Savings From A Custom Wheel Outlet

Tire discount direct

Auto wheels come in a lot of unique sizes and colors. If you want black and chrome rims or black truck rims, then it is smart to buy wheels from an outlet that has custom truck wheels on sale. If you are trying to find the best custom wheel outlet for your car, your truck, your van, your SUV or any other vehicle, start your search on the web.

Some of the most affordable custom wheel outlets that you can find are on the web. You may want to check custom wheel outlet social media pages. In fact, there are some custom wheel outlets that offer a great deal if you start to follow them on social media. You may be able to get a set of custom rims or custom wheels, and then because you follow that outlet on social media, they could choose to offer you free installation. This is a pretty great deal, so do not expect it every time.

The exact size and style of custom wheel that you want is important. Some styles will not work with certain makes or models of vehicles. The large wheels that will fit on a truck, for example, will more than likely not fit on a small sedan. Similarly, there are some vehicles that have tire configurations that will not support a special style of rim or wheel.

A custom wheel outlet that you can count on will probably have some sort of size chart. You can probably find this size chart on their home page. Once you make sure that a certain size of rim or wheel will work with your specific vehicle, you can inquire about discounts. Any time that you order from an online custom wheel outlet, make sure that you think about the cost of shipping. It may end up being worth your money to just go to a local custom wheel outlet, where you can have your new rims or wheels put on the day that you visit, no shipping costs required.

You may also want to ask about what to do with your old wheels or rims. You can usually keep them, just in case you change your mind about the wheels or rims in question. However, if you are sure that you are no longer going to want the old wheels or rims, ask the outlet you buy from if they have a recycling program.

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Discount Rims and Tires Packages

Buy wheels

From the time we are small children, we fantasize about owning the automobile of our dreams. It might be a vintage muscle car from the late 60s, a mid 50s Thunderbird, a brand new Porsche 911, or a tricked out 1995 Plymouth Neon. While you probably never ended up owning the car that you fantasized of as a child, the dream of car ownership never completely left you. And now that you own a car, one of the most unpleasant things about vehicle ownership, other than spending 4 dollars per gallon on fuel, is buying replacement parts, such as rims and tires packages.

Although it is possible for auto owners to maintain their car well enough to avoid the need to purchase expensive replacement parts, every auto owner will eventually need new rims and tires. If you are a car hobbyist who is in the process of rebuilding a 1969 Firebird, you are probably planning on purchasing custom wheels and tires. Regardless of the reason an auto owner decides to buy wheels and tires, it is always less expensive to purchase rims and tires packages. While not everyone will need, nor want, custom wheels and tires, there are several excellent rims and tires packages that can be found online. The best thing is that buying from Americas tire store will allow you to get auto wheels and SUV rims for cheap.

There are different reasons that people will purchase rims and tire packages. Perhaps your old rims rusted or dented; maybe your monster truck could use some custom truck wheels; or maybe you want to replace your chrome rims with black truck rims. Whether it is a need or a want, nobody wants to pay full price for rims and tires packages. Fortunately, with the many fine deals on rims and tires packages that are available online, no one ever had to pay full price.