Custom wheels and tires

There is no doubt about it; we love cars in the United States. We love them loud, and we love them fast. Increasingly, however, it is not just about what is under the hood but what is on the outside, tricking out our favorite cars. It is no wonder, then, that we see so many cars driving down the street with custom lighting illuminating their path while custom suspension gives them a low ride.

One of the best ways we can give our cars that extra something is by using black and chrome rims. Of course, if that is not quite your style, there are countless other options to choose from. Regardless of how you want your favorite vehicle to look, there are some things you need to keep in mind when you buy wheels, for your safety and savings.

  • Consider Safety First
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    As written on Yahoo! News, the most important thing to consider when buying new wheels for trucks, cars, golf carts, or other vehicles is safety. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure whatever wheels you buy have at least the same weight capacity rating as whatever originally came on your car. This is the only way to get your car looking great with custom wheels and tires without causing a safety problem.

  • If You Can Afford It, Go with Multi-piece
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    Josh Max of the NY Daily News writes that if you can afford it, then you should go for multi-piece auto wheels. With single piece rims, if you hit something and damage your wheel, then the whole thing needs to be replaced. However, when you buy multi-piece rims, you can simply switch out the damaged piece for a new one. This convenience costs, however. A set of multi-piece rims can run $6,000.

  • Steel or Aluminum Wheel Rims?
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    As recommends, when you buy wheels you have to consider the material they are made from. Steel rims are more cost efficient than aluminum alloy models. However, steel wheels are capped with a plastic hub, designed to simulate the look of chrome. Aluminum wheels, the more costly of the two, are the only way to go when you buy wheels for that true chrome style.

  • Be Mindful of Where You Shop
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    Whether you are shopping online or off, you need to be mindful of your supplier. The internet is a great tool for finding reviews, good and bad, about a company you are going to buy wheels from. Keep in mind that discount tire stores do not necessarily sell “bad” or “cheap” tires. In fact, many of them sell some of the highest quality products around. However, according to, “discount” can be code-word for garbage. Do your research to protect yourself.

Whether you want to put spinning SUV rims on your ride or you want something unique but low-key, keep these four tips in mind when you buy wheels. By doing so, you keep yourself safe while bringing style and quality to your car. What could be better than that?