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Need New Tires? What About New Wheels? Get Them All at Once

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Pop quiz. How many wheels does your truck have? A- 22 wheels B- 20 wheels C- 4 wheels

If you answered A or B, this article is not for you. You are driving a rig, and chances are that you will not be getting custom truck wheels for all 20 that you have. But, if you have only four, then custom truck wheels are well within your grasp. And you have plenty of options to choose from when considering what kind of custom truck wheels will fit your truck the best.

Before we get into the variety of options of wheels for trucks, perhaps a little explanation is due. When I say Wheel, Rim, and Tire, what do you think? To most people, they are all the same thing. Only those with a regular, working knowledge of cars knows that there is any differentiation. To the average driver, it does not matter what you call them. But whe