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Steps for DIY Mini Cooper Paint Repair

Do you have an unsightly scrape on your Mini Cooper that you want to touch up? Are you a do-it-yourself type who likes to fix things on their own? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in the right place. Go ahead and purchase the vehicle touch up paint kit and get started on these steps for performing your own Mini Cooper touch up paint job.

Step One: Get the Right Color

The first thing you want to do is peek under the hood at your car’s firewall. There will be a small plate here that lists the body number and paint code. You’re going to want that paint code to choose the right paint color so that you don’t end up with a big splotch of mismatch color on your vehicle.

A Mini Cooper touch up paint kit is relatively inexpensive, especially in comparison to having the scratch professionally repaired. You may also need a bottle of primer. The paint will specify if primer is not necessary.

Step Two: Sanding

You will want to carefully sand the area Continue reading

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Are You Looking for Replacement Parts for Your Family Vehicle?

If you are someone who is crazy for cars then you know the difference that quality performance parts can make. From WRX performance parts to Subaru performance parts, you often have a choice when you get ready to make repairs or improvements to the vehicles that you drive. Finding the best selection, however, can help you create the most efficient and highest performing car, truck, or SUV on the road. There are some people who do not think twice about the repair parts that are used on their cars, but there is also a growing number of consumers who understand that by selecting top performance parts they can see more efficiency and longer lasting vehicles.
There are plenty of aftermarket parts that are available to consumers who are looking for repairs. Understanding the difference between these aftermarket parts and, for instance, WRX performance parts, however, can help you make the very bet decisions when it comes to repairs or upgrades to your vehicle.
Consider some of these Continue reading

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Your Coupe Upgrade Checklist

The last thing you need at any point is to lose faith in your Hyundai Genesis Coupe; whether it is because of clattering noises from under the engine, horrific gas mileage, the inability to start or stay running, or a constant stress to replace failing parts, no one loves hearing the unexpected news that their car needs to retire. Hopefully, you reach this revelation before your vehicle leaves you stranded somewhere you do not want to be. However, purchasing a brand new vehicle has a high cost (the price tag) with not as high of a return (the new car smell being one). For this reason, trading in the used for the less used is a much more viable option for most people in the car market. Here are a few important facts to remember about used cars and the fact about customized Hyundai Genesis Coupe parts if you are looking for some new to you wheels.

  • 1. Compare a private sale and a dealership sale. There are ups and downs to how you choose to purchase a car. In Continue reading

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    From Noise Pollution To Bacteria Build-Up How Your Car’s Floor Mat Could Be Making Your Commute Worse

    How often do you think about your car flooring? If you said ‘often’ or ‘more than I’d like’, you’re on the right page.

    Car carpets occupy a unique space between mundane and rather specialized. We tend to think more about the engine or the brakes when it comes to regular maintenance, especially when the winter season gives us more than we’ve bargained for on the open road. Your carpet can become especially dirty through this neglect, affecting your car’s interior air and even impacting your health. If you’ve been considering sprucing up the inside of your Honda or Toyota and need a few pointers, look below to learn about the custom car carpet.

    New flooring could completely change the way you look at your driving experience.

    Americans Drive A Lot More Than You Think

    Do you regularly commute to work? How about running errands for the house? Americans today are regularly behind the wheel for one reason or another and this on-the-go lifestyle c Continue reading

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    Pickup Trucks From Increased Sales to Unique Features

    United States’ consumers purchase new and used vehicles throughout the year. it’s interesting to note, however, that approximately half of all used car sales occur during the summer. Truck sales are also increasing, and California has more pickup trucks on the road than any other state.

    The Growing Popularity of Pickup Trucks

    Between 2015 to 2016, new pickup truck sales increased by six percent. This amounted to roughly 2.7 million trucks being sold. Currently, pickup truck sales account for 18% of all new vehicle sales within the country. On average, these trucks are priced at $40,696.00.

    As previously stated, California has a significant amount of pickup trucks on the road. Recent figures indicate that this amounts to over 4.6 million. Given this, they comprise 24% of all vehicles out on America’s roads and highways.

    Different Types of Pickup Trucks

    There are different types of pickup trucks, each with their own unique features. When someone wants a Continue reading

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    The Problem Of Drunk Driving And How It Can Be Detected And Prevented

    Here in the United States, drunk driving is a real problem, one that has already cost many lives – and many peoples’ freedoms as well. In fact, drunk driving is so dangerous that a new person becomes injured in a drunk driving related incident for every two seconds that pass, and many people lose their lives to drunk driving as well, up to twenty eight for each and every day that passes by. And drunk driving is far from isolated here in the United States – instead, it is widespread.

    The data backs this up, showing that as many as three hundred thousand people get behind the wheel while drunk, though unfortunately less than five thousand of them will actually be caught. It has even been estimated that the average drunk driver will get away with driving drunk upwards of eighty times before finally being caught and charged. There is no doubt about it that drunk driving is all too common in the United States as well as incredibly and increasingly dangerous.

    Fortunately, there are Continue reading

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    Importance of Trunk Bed Anchors to Pickup Truck Owners

    Trunk bed anchors secure your load during transport. This gives your bed stability and keeps it safe as the bed is moved from place to another. If you own a pickup, you need to buy your truck bed tie downs to help you transport different types of cargo from one location to another.

    Buy high quality tie downs for guaranteed quality. If you go for low quality, they might snap and cause damage to your precious cargo. As a truck owner, you should know when to buy bed tie downs. However, here are some signs that you need to get new truck bed anchors.

    Your bed anchors are rusted

    The truck tie down straps can wear out and that reduces their ability to secure your cargo. You should not use anchors that have rusted. This usually happens when have had the anchors for some time or they have exposed to moist.

    If you use truck tie down straps, they are likely to wear out. They may not rust, but t Continue reading

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    Three Benefits To Buying A Japanese Car

    More than 79 million cars were sold worldwide in 2017 and that number seems to be growing. More than 81 million cars are expected to be produced by the end of 2018.

    It’s a safe bet that many of those cars sold will be Japanese. In June 2018 alone, about 60,000 Subaru vehicles were sold in the United States.

    Japanese cars and car parts have proven to be popular in America. In 2016, Honda produced two of the two selling cars in the U.S., the Accord and the Civic. In 2016, the top three important categories to the U.S. from Japan were vehicles ($50 billion), machinery ($29 billion) and electrical machinery ($1.6 billion). So if you own a Mitsubishi for example and are looking for Mitsubishi aftermarket parts, chances are good you can find them.

    Overall, there are many benefits of Japanese cars including:

    • Reliability: Japanese cars from trusted brands like Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota are known for being some of the most reliable cars in the world. Continue reading

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    How to Touch up Paint on a Honda Civic

    While owning a Honda Civic, it’s understandable to want paint that looks uniform. Statistics show that the auto body industry has an estimated worth of nearly $42 billion. A certain percentage of this net worth comes from completed paint jobs. If you’re only wanting to touch up your Honda Civic paint job, you don’t need to hand money over to an auto body shop. By using an auto touch up paint kit, you can easily take care of dings and scratches. If you’ve never used touch up paint, it’s important to learn how to apply this material to your vehicle. In this post, you’ll learn how to touch up your Honda Civic paint job.

    Matching Paint Colors

    First, you’ll want to begin by ensuring you’ve chosen the right paint. A standard bottle of blue auto paint isn’t likely to match your Honda Civic. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find the exact type of paint you’re needing. In order Continue reading