How often do you think about your car flooring? If you said ‘often’ or ‘more than I’d like’, you’re on the right page.

Car carpets occupy a unique space between mundane and rather specialized. We tend to think more about the engine or the brakes when it comes to regular maintenance, especially when the winter season gives us more than we’ve bargained for on the open road. Your carpet can become especially dirty through this neglect, affecting your car’s interior air and even impacting your health. If you’ve been considering sprucing up the inside of your Honda or Toyota and need a few pointers, look below to learn about the custom car carpet.

New flooring could completely change the way you look at your driving experience.

Americans Drive A Lot More Than You Think

Do you regularly commute to work? How about running errands for the house? Americans today are regularly behind the wheel for one reason or another and this on-the-go lifestyle can leave a significant impact on our health. A recent study revealed American respondents stating they spend an average of 85 minutes a day in their cars. Commuters also state the average commute takes 25 minutes, with the worst range being nearly an hour. Everything from poor air quality to constant noise exposure can leave us feeling our worst when we should be feeling our best.

Car Carpets Are Filthy Things

Just how dirty is your car carpet? Probably dirty enough to need new flooring now rather than later. Car carpets that are 10 years old or older should be swapped immediately, even if you’ve done your best to clean them. One study completed by Charles P Gerba found greater numbers of bacteria in cars that carried children or animals on a regular basis. Eating or drinking in your car also increases the likelihood of filthy carpets that gradually pollute your interior’s air quality. The car has up to 17,000 times more bacteria than your house.

Noise Pollution Is Bad For Your Health

Yes, you can even reduce how much noise you’re exposed to when you invest in better auto flooring. Constantly being presented with loud sounds increases our stress levels, makes it hard to sleep, and affects our emotional well-being. It’s thought tens of millions of Americans suffer from a range of adverse health outcomes due to non-stop noise exposure, ranging from hearing loss to heart disease. Larger cars, believe it or not, tend to be quieter than smaller models. You might not notice this if you listen to a lot of loud music or roll your windows down.

There Are A Few Ways To Drive Healthier

Cobble together some of these tips next time you step behind the wheel. The environment inside your vehicle is anywhere from two to 10 times more polluted than cloudy breezes on the freeway, so you need to be constantly aware of outside changes if you’re to maintain your health. Avoid following diesel cars and trucks whenever possible, for starters, and try to use the carpool lane when you can. It tends to be up to 30% cleaner due to no trucks or buses. It’s also important to clean out your car on a regular basis, such as once a year if you live alone and twice a year if you have children.

The Health Benefits Of New Flooring For Your Car

A new classic car floor mat can achieve a few things. You can remove harmful bacteria, pet dander, mold, pollen, and dust from your car, thus improving the indoor air quality. You can get a thick mat to help muffle sound and reduce your exposure to noise pollution. You can even feel a little better about the state of your vehicle’s interior. A study from Aston University in Birmingham found the trunk of the car tends to be much cleaner than the front of the car despite often holding groceries, equipment, and toys. Living healthy means looking between the cracks and improving your life in small ways.

Gift yourself new flooring for the holiday season and change how you look at the driving experience.