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An Essential Checklist for Church Bus Safety

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Finding a good used  bus

Finding a good bus for sale is the first step in bringing a cost effective, comfortable, and efficient transportation system to your church group. However, while searching for church buses for sale, you will come to realize that obtaining and operating a bus is not nearly as simple as telling your church group where and when to meet, and leaving the transportation up to them. Buses come with their own set of safety concerns, and adding a church bus to your congregation will require more than assigning a driver and hitting the road. Use this checklist to keep your church bus, and more importantly its passengers, safe.

Start by picking a safe church bus.

Most church buses for sale feature a number of standard safety features, but did you know that on most buses, seat belts are option

Three Tips to Help You Survive Car Shopping With a Teenager

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Toyota corolla

If you are helping your teenager to find and purchase a car, then it is reasonable to expect that you are in for an experience that challenges you emotionally, financially, and mentally. If the mere thought of the upcoming shopping trip has you grinding your teeth, and reflexively reaching out your hand to preemptively smack your teenager upside their head, then the first thing that you need to do is take a deep breath. The second thing that you need to do is review these three tips.

Remember, they don’t have a car yet.

This means that you can, in fact, drive right by that Porsche dealership, no matter how close your teenager gets to merging their face with the passenger side window. You can, and should, drive your teenager straight to the local Toyota dealers. Why? Maybe you know it from ex