Trunk bed anchors secure your load during transport. This gives your bed stability and keeps it safe as the bed is moved from place to another. If you own a pickup, you need to buy your truck bed tie downs to help you transport different types of cargo from one location to another.

Buy high quality tie downs for guaranteed quality. If you go for low quality, they might snap and cause damage to your precious cargo. As a truck owner, you should know when to buy bed tie downs. However, here are some signs that you need to get new truck bed anchors.

Your bed anchors are rusted

The truck tie down straps can wear out and that reduces their ability to secure your cargo. You should not use anchors that have rusted. This usually happens when have had the anchors for some time or they have exposed to moist.

If you use truck tie down straps, they are likely to wear out. They may not rust, but the thread will wear out. Any time you notice rust or threads coming out, it’s time to get new truck tie downs.

When the straps and stained and embedded with foreign materials
Dirty and stained truck tie downs are likely to wear out fast. You may know not when they will give up and so when you notice the straps are dirty and embedded with foreign materials, it’s time to get new ones.

According to a four-year-old study done by AAA, in 200, 000 road crashes, two-thirds were caused by poorly anchored cargo. Also, the debris that falls of the vehicle because truck bed anchors were not used or are in poor condition caused up to 25, 000 crashes and killed between 81 and 90 people in 2001.

It is sad to see most pick up drivers are not keen on getting truck bed tie downs. This reckless attitude has led to fatal accidents. The most responsible thing to do is getting truck bed hooks or other tie downs. It will not only reduce accidents on the rod but also ensure the cargo is delivered safely. The truck bed anchors enhance the look of your vehicle whether you have load secured on it or just driving around.