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Pickup Trucks From Increased Sales to Unique Features

United States’ consumers purchase new and used vehicles throughout the year. it’s interesting to note, however, that approximately half of all used car sales occur during the summer. Truck sales are also increasing, and California has more pickup trucks on the road than any other state.

The Growing Popularity of Pickup Trucks

Between 2015 to 2016, new pickup truck sales increased by six percent. This amounted to roughly 2.7 million trucks being sold. Currently, pickup truck sales account for 18% of all new vehicle sales within the country. On average, these trucks are priced at $40,696.00.

As previously stated, California has a significant amount of pickup trucks on the road. Recent figures indicate that this amounts to over 4.6 million. Given this, they comprise 24% of all vehicles out on America’s roads and highways.

Different Types of Pickup Trucks

There are different types of pickup trucks, each with their own unique features. When someone wants a Continue reading