Types of hose clamps

Heavy duty hose clamps, also referred to as hose clips, were created to form the best seal between a hose and whatever you are connecting it to, often called the barb or the nipple. Think about the bunsen burner hose you connected at the lab table in science class many years ago. Remember how it fit on the cone-shaped gas line? That would be considered a barb. In science class we just put the hose on, did our little experiment, and we were done, but if you needed to fix something permanently, you would use a hose clamp over the hose to create a tight fit.

Now that we know what a heavy duty hose clamp is, what else can we learn about them? Clamps come in a wide variety of sizes but are typically used for hoses that are at least a half inch in diameter. If you don’t use the right size, you can get a leak which would not be good in your car’s engine or your home’s plumbing – two places where hose clamps are often used. You definitely want to make sure you get the right size clamp for the hose you are using. To do this, put the hose on whatever it is you are attaching it to. Then measure the outside diameter (OD) either in inches or millimeters. Now when you go to buy a reliable clamp, select one with that measurement within its range.

Another way to ensure you make a good seal with your plumbing or automotive hose clamps is to make sure the barb is smooth and doesn’t have any pieces sticking out. This can affect how the hose fits and cause leaks.

Hose clamps are also used for a lot of art applications like making industrial-styled lights, mirrors, sculptures, hanging pot racks. Once you start to use hose clamps and learn the different styles, you will soon see all of the creative ways you can use them around your house. Some people use them as zip ties to keep materials together like cords. Buy a few hose clamps for keeping on hand around the house. You will need them sooner or later!