How convenient would it be if you could bring an auto body mechanic service training school right to your own shop? This video from Auto Body Training Solutions can be a way to train your auto body mechanics are working with sheet metal.

Auto Body Training Solutions is a mobile training team that visits shops to provide training to auto body mechanics on a wide range of topics. This video is a short example of what a training session looks like.

In this video one of the master auto body mechanics with over 40 years in the industry talks about processing dents in sheet metal and how hardening can vary from position to position. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand format by an expert in the field who uses real-world examples to convey the proper processing of various dents to the metal.

Video Source

Auto Body Training Solutions delivers this informative video for free. There is a lot to learn from years in the industry including learning how to manage some of the old school repairs. Anyone in the auto body industry would enjoy watching this video and picking up some tips and tricks for working with sheet metal hardening.