In this Pro Tip video series by Sam’s Roadside Service, Sam discusses what it takes and all you need to start a towing company or roadside assistance.

If you want to help people who encounter car problems on the road, you should have all the necessary tools in your truck. Keep in mind that you should be ready for all sorts of vehicle issues and roadside needs, including:

  • Battery jumpstarts and replacements or installations
  • Flat tires and plugging tires
  • Fuel deliveries (because most people disregard the next gas station sign on highways)
  • Tire changes in highways
  • Lockouts
  • Mobile tire services

The Fastest Roadside Guy Alive shows you every tool he carries around in his truck in this video. Although he forgot one tool, torque sticks, every essential roadside assistance tool is in his vehicle.

Video Source

Sam’s Roadside Service often receives inquiries from people who want to start their own roadside business or towing company. Even owners, subcontractors, and operators who already have their roadside company up and running ask Sam for advice on improving their business.

The first equipment you’ll be needing is the fast funnel fuel system and the lockout tool. Following those are the equipment necessary for tire changing and jumper boxes.

Continue watching the entire video to find out the other tools you need. By carrying all of these essential tools, you’re already on your way to providing the best roadside services in your area.