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The holidays are quickly approaching and it is likely that you have many holiday parties planned. Holiday parties are a great way to interact with family and friends. Most holiday parties offer food, entertainment, and drinks. While drinks are a way for many to relax during this stressful, yet joyous season, the increase of drinkers can be dangerous when paired with icy road conditions. People who do not drink often may drink a little too much and illegally get behind the wheel. This holiday season, keep safe driving in mind, and consider these alternative celebration options.

Assign a designated driver

A designated driver can be beneficial for a party. Some holiday parties last for many hours. Guests who drink one small drink over a long period are easily over the legal driving limit. A designated driver allows the other guests to enjoy in as much alcohol as they desire, without having to worry about safe driving. If you have multiple parties planned, consider rotating who the designated driver will be.

Call a cab or Uber

Arrange for an Uber or a cab driver to pick you up. If you take the Uber to the party, you will be less tempted to drive home and you will not have to worry about getting your vehicle home in the morning. In many states, you can still be arrested for and convicted of a DUI with a BAC below 0.08. Different states may have different legal limits, and officers may use their discretion in deciding what a safe driving limit is. For example, someone with a BAC lower than 0.08 may be arrested for driving on extremely icy road conditions with any BAC at all.

Engage in an alcoholic free evening

Holiday parties can still be fun, even without alcohol. If you know you will be driving, or if you are the chosen designated driver, choose alternative drinking options. Your holiday party may even have fruity and tasty holiday drinks that do not contain alcohol. Ensure that you ask before drinking, finding out for sure if the drink contains alcohol.

Use an ignition interlock system

Too many auto accidents and arrests are made because the person strongly believed they were under the limit, but were unable to accurately gauge their BAC. An interlock cup system is a discreet breathalyzer that tests your limit for you. It takes a lot of the guess work out of your BAC. You simply blow into the breathalyzer before starting the car. If you are over the limit, the car will not start and you will need to find alternative transportation. If you are under the limit, your vehicle will start.

When installed, interlocks are associated with about a 70% reduction in arrest rates for impaired driving. The good thing about the interlock system is that even if you are just below the legal BAC limit, the vehicle will not start. Otherwise, your BAC could rise while you were driving, and you would then be over the legal limit. How the system works ensures that you are driving legally and safely. The interlock system also reduces repeat DUI?s. Interlocks help reduce repeat offenses even after the device is removed by 39% compared to offenders who never installed an interlock.

Car breathalyzers are affordable One of the biggest concerns of purchasing an interlock system is the car breathalyzer cost. Many immediately believe that it is not affordable. However, if you are charged with a DUI, you are likely fined with thousands of dollars. The car breathalyzer cost can prevent these high costs. Also, over time, you will spend thousands on Uber and public transportation when drinking, and a car breathalyzer cost could prevent these costs. The car breathalyzer cost is priceless compared to the reduction in accidents and arrests.

The holiday party season is upon us. Many co workers and family members will be meeting for meals and drinking. Many people will be getting behind the wheel, assuming they are fine to drive, even though a lot of these people will be over the legal limit. Consider purchasing an interlock system, using public or private transportation, or assigning a designated driver for a safer holiday party season.