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Do you take good care of your tools? Proper maintenance is the major element standing between your equipment and degradation, reduced performance and even loss of money. Although many workers and small business owners go out of their way to seek out a power tool repair service or request assistance for lathe repair, there are actually many maintenance habits you can practice on a daily basis to keep your tools going strong. From regularly wiping down your tools with oiled rags to replacing components making strange noises, you can only stand to benefit from the list below.

What Is A Machine Tool?

The cost of rebuilding tools can build significantly over time. As such, it’s imperative to become familiar with repairing and maintaining your machine tools. A machine tool is a specific machine for the shaping and machining of metal and various rigid materials. Machine tools need to stay rigid and hard to perform correctly, as well as consistently kept dry to reduce rusting.

Where Did Machine Tools Come From?

Machine tools and their related parts have been around for many hundreds of years. The lathe, for example, is an ancient tool believed to have first been created in Ancient Egypt. The first machine tools recorded in existence in many cultures were both the bow lathe and the bow drill. Some scholars even believe the first machine tools were handcrafted and date all the way back to 1200 B.C.

What Have Machine Tools Made?

Machine tools have been responsible for a wealth of useful, everyday objects and appliances. The boring mill was developed by John Wilkinson, using a water-powered tool to bore perfect cylinders. The Industrial Revolution birthed a wide array of products, such as musical instruments, table legs and candle sticks.

What Are Signs A Machine Tool Needs Repair?

There are a few signs you should take note of before you seek out a power tool repair service or lathe repair services. While using a machine tool there should be no unusual noises, such as clanking, creaking or clicking. If you do hear these, this is a sign you may need to have it inspected or repaired. Avoiding machine tool repairs mean you need to check and ensure that a gear box spindle’s oil level and aproon are both regularly in the safe line.

How Can I Keep My Machine Tools Working Well?

The chip and gram on a lathe machine should never be cleaned with high pressure air. This can potentially enter the machine’s crevices, causing a variety of performance issues down the road that could result in disrepair. The drive belt on a lathe should be regularly checked for both tension and consistency to keep it working, while the gibs on a lathe should be adjusted frequently to reduce unnecessary friction between components.

When Should I Seek Out Repair?

Seeking out a power tool repair service or related assistance is necessary if you feel you are low on options for your machine tool set. Remember to keep your lathe clean and wiped down on a regular basis. Your wiper pads should be cleaned and re-oiled regularly, discarded only when they’ve become too dirty to be useful. Machine tools that rub together should also be well-lubricated at all times. Keeping these tips in mind will help save you both money and time in the long run.