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If you have ever owned AC cobra kits then you’ll know that owning a muscle car or a classic car can be such a great feeling. However, not everyone can experience the benefits of owning a classic cobra kits or any other kind. Here are a few of the pros and cons that come with owning such a vehicle. This will help you to decide if the disadvantages outweigh the benefits and if you should cross over into the world of classic cars.


  1. Financial Investment
    The first main problem is that classic cars are initially much more expensive than regular vehicles. Only those who really appreciate and understand classic cars should own them. they will be able to understand why such an investment is important. It can also be quite a lot of money to repair and issues and problems that the car may have. Classic car parts such as cobra kits and things are much harder to get a hold of than modern car parts. Once you do find them they will probably be much more expensive that you thought they would be.

  2. Reliability
    Cars in general and prone to rust and have issues in that arena, especially if the climate where they are is humid. However, older cars are even more likely to have a lot of serious rusting issues from the time that you buy them. This is because the classic cars are usually have more steel than today’s cars. Other than the rust problem, older cars have a lot of wear and tear on them so they may not be reliable if you want to be able to drive them around.

  3. Modern Conveniences
    You’d think that you wouldn’t need to cover this one because of course an old car doesn’t have modern conveniences but you’d be surprised at how many people are disappointed by this. Smart phone syncing, electric windows and air conditioning are probably not going to be apart of cobra kits.


  1. The Look
    You’ll definitely have that Look when sitting in a classic car. Classics are certain style and character that is unparalleled. They will stand out in the crowd of cookie cutter modern cars and guarantee that you receive a lot of attention on the road or at car shows, etc.

  2. Driving Experience
    Classic cars really connect you to the world and the road more than modern cars. Modern cars have such intense insulation that you don’t even really feel like you are in a car. A classic car will transmit more of the noises, smells and vibrations that come with real driving. This may not be something that everyone appreciates but if you are a motor enthusiast enough to buy a classic car, then you will enjoy the richer experience that you’ll get driving in a classic car.

  3. Financial Benefits
    Any car that was built before January of 1974 is eligible for a zero rated tax disc meaning that owners won’t have to pay taxes on their older vehicles. This was introduced in order to encourage people to own more classic cars in order to help protect the heritage and legacy that has been left to them. Another great thing about classic cars is that they not depreciate in value like a modern car comes. With newer cars, the second you drive them off the lot, they start to decrease in value. However, a classic car will tend to hold its value and if you properly look after it, it can actually increase in resell value.

The conclusion in all of this is if you think that the benefits outweigh the downfalls, then you will be able to enjoy a classic car. However, if you are not willing to go through the cons to experience the pros, then maybe a classic isn’t for you. However, if you really want a true, unadulterated driving experience and are willing to dedicate a little time and money into maintaining a car, then a classic car will really be an asset to you. Just make sure that you research which car you are going to get first and make sure that the parts are still available and then it won’t lose value over the long run. This will help to protect you from running into trouble later on.