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Businesses are run by and for people. Beyond buying and selling, every business should strive to treat their customers and the environment with a minimum amount of respect and care that they deserve. In this way, a new car dealer and new dealerships in general aren’t any different. They are their to serve a specific function in the community and most do it and do it well. But underneath the surface of this transaction-based relationship there are other, more subtle things at work. A new car dealer, much like a used car dealer, has a duty to the community- to keep it safe, to keep it fair and to understand its fabric, no matter where it’s located. Listed are several different layers of that relationship and how they affect the community at large. Each one is different but each one is connected to all the others. It just takes a little bit of effort to see past the obvious and into the intricacies beneath.

    Dealer to dealer
    This might seem like a strange one but its the most basic and the basic is the key to understanding all the others. A new car dealer (or a used car dealer) has a fundamental relationship to itself and all of the employees that work there. Some of this is essential business ethic but it bears repeating. After all, employees are members of the community as well. Especially at a new car dealer, it’s important to make sure that all employee concerns are taken into account. Everybody feels safe and agrees on the prices, selling, etc. Disagreements are alright so long as they are valid. Of course, by law there should be discrimination, harassment or belittling. Everyone, regardless of religion, ethnicity or orientation, should be treated like family. Once again, this sounds basic but it’s as much a matter of personal ethic as it sound business. Contented, cared-for employees are more productive and more centered people. Customers will respond to that energy with their own positivity. Employees will also take that energy home and spread it naturally in their lives. Business is business but business is also part of life. Be mindful of business and life will inevitably follow.
    Dealership and customer
    Of course, this your standard business relationship. But customers are smart and they know when they are being taken advantage of. Car dealerships should taken great pains to let their customers know two things. One that they genuinely care. Two, that they are being fair with prices and safety. A premier dealer (a fair dealer) will let the customer know through actions that they and their money are respected. This not only increases revenue but it also solidifies the trust between the dealer and the community writ-large. Running a business is difficult and there’s a lot that goes into it. This is true. But customers are people just like employees. People with families and friends they want to keep safe. Treat the customer like family and they’ll respond like family. This is just common sense.
    Dealership and Community
    A new car dealer has a lot riding on safety. Pun intended. Because they are purveyors of the new a new clear dealer has a duty to make sure that all of their merchandise, however new, is safe and tested. The community will respond to this energy with their own. So long as the standards of safety are met, they will continue to support the business that adheres to them. In this way, the dealership can give back more than just cars to the community. They can give back a sense of safety and trust that wasn’t there before. In this way, a business can be more than just a business. It can become a symbol in the community of ethics, standard and excellence. All it takes is a little care and effort on the part of both the community and the dealership itself. And that’s the most worth-it thing of all. The caring that goes into it.