Club Car presents this YouTube video on the basics of golf cart maintenance services.

A golf cart isn’t the same as an automobile. Nor is it similar to an electric vehicle.

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Although it has an electric motor, the basics of golf cart maintenance services are different.

For one, it’s much smaller. Thus, it’s somewhat easier to check on its issues. Normally, these are related to a dead or damaged battery or frayed wires. At the upper end of the scale, the issue could be a complete failure of the motor.

If it’s a dead battery, then hook the golf cart to a charging station or standard outlet. The former normally powers the vehicle quicker than a standard outlet. If the battery is leaking, then carefully attempt to remove and replace it. Use protective gear when this is done since the liquid is acid.

If you see frayed wires then consider a professional golf cart maintenance service instead of working on it. Repairs with electrical tape or other means could cause more damage to the motor.