Limos are usually rented for special occasions like the prom or weddings, but you need to go through several local limo companies to find the right one. It would help if you asked these businesses about their prices, requirements, and rental options. Doing this research is the only way you’ll be able to have a wonderful time later.

First, it’s smart to know all about limousines and businesses that offer them in your town. You don’t want to fall for false advertisements and end up paying more for extra fees or miss your event due to bad scheduling. Start your search with “limo and party bus rental near me.” Don’t limit your event strictly to limos because party buses are in style and practical.

Just searching for a limo party bus nearby won’t be enough. You need to make several calls or contact them by email for more information. Many people decide on the kind of limo they want beforehand to speed things up. However, the company may have a wide selection with different costs, so be open to other options as well. Now you can be a bit more confident when looking for the best local limo companies so you can have a night to remember.

There are many different ways of getting around today, from a person’s personal car to a city bus or a motorcoach all the way to taxis, trains, and limousines. Many ordinary Americans associate these limo services, especially luxury limo services, with wealthy celebrities or politicians, and not entirely without reason. These high-profile people certainly make use of high-end limos to travel to events, but limos are not exclusive like that. In fact, many limo services across the United States today serve regular customers, and even high school teenagers going to prom may look up and hire a limo service (or their parents might do this on their behalf). Why rent a limo service? There are plenty of formal or fun events in a person’s life that call for more than a simple taxi or getting a ride in a friend’s van. These limo services are all across the United States and offer quite affordable rentals. What is there to know about this wheeled service today?

On Limousines

Most people have seen at least a few limousines in person or at least on television, being elongated cars with tinted windows and possibly expensive hood ornaments. The first limousines were modest, seating only four people, but larger models exist today. Some modern limos may seat as many as 10 to 12 people at once, with enough seating and room for all of those passengers. Many limos are on the more modest side and are offered by the many limo companies working across the United States, but as expected, there are also some expensive and showy limos out there, too. The Sultan of Brunei, for example, owns the world’s most expensive limousine. This vehicle is plated in 24 karat gold and is worth an impressive $14 million. Meanwhile, the Midnight Rider is one of the world’s most famous limousines, and it is in fact an entire nightclub on wheels. It even holds the Guinness World Record for heaviest limousine, weighing 25 tons. It is an impressive 70 feet long and has a total of 460 square feet of space inside, allowing for many guests at once. Meanwhile, some smaller limousines may be armored cars, used by politicians for their personal protection. In the United States, former president Barack Obama and now president Donald Trump make use of an armored car named The Beast, complete with tinted windows. The average limo customer today may not need armor for their car, but limos are capable of that.

Finding a Great Limo Service

The limo rental service in the United States today is made up of many different small companies that each have a few vehicles in their fleets for rental. Around 130,000 of these companies are in service today, and most of them have five or fewer vehicles in their active fleets. These vehicles are plenty busy, though, and on average, a limo driver will make 105 different trips each week. During weekdays, these limos tend to cater to business and corporate customers making trips somewhere that’s too close to warrant a private jet flight. On the weekends, meanwhile, other customers are renting limousines for all sorts of recreation. Such customers may be high school students going to their senior prom, for example, and it is standard for these students to take smaller limos with their friend and dates to and from their prom. Adults, meanwhile, may take limousines to a wedding, and a single wedding may involve many different independent limousines delivering guests to the ceremony and reception site. A person might also take a limo to attend a formal dinner or charity ball, or an awards banquet.

Renting a limo is fun, and requires a few steps. The customer will look up limo rental services in their area, and may search based on their home town or city’s name or even their ZIP code to further refine the search. These customers may also visit the limo company’s premises and look over the limos in person, to ensure that a desired vehicle is in good shape and has no unexpected damage or messes on the inside due to previous customers’ behavior. The client may also check the driver’s credentials if they so choose. If everything checks out, the limo may be rented.