New trucks can be expensive. Often there are simple ways to vastly improve your current vehicle without having to dish out the dough. In this video, you will learn how upgrade your current truck without breaking the bank. All you need are some small investments and some used truck parts. Next thing you know, you will be in love all over again with your current truck.

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First, get rid of your factory floormats with mats that are designed specifically for your truck model. They will provide better coverage and protection. Next, a bedrug can vastly improve the bed of your truck by adding extra protection. To demonstrate this in the video, a brick is thrown on the bed of the trailer. The bed rug protects the bed from any potential damage. Further, bed rugs are designed to dry out well after getting wet. They will not grow any mold. Lastly, buying used truck parts is a great way to upgrade your existing vehicle. You will find a much better deal on these than if you were to buy the parts brand new.