Have You Been Looking at Cobra Kit Cars for Sale?

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It is a little embarrassing to admit, but it was your wife’s complete frustration with you that got you interested in looking at Cobra kit car manufacturers and their offerings. You had only been retired from your job of 37 years when your wife announced that you needed to find something else to occupy your time. She went on the explain, and complain, that she could no longer come downstairs in the morning to find that you had emptied another set of drawers out on the kitchen island. Your constant sorting and rearranging, she explained, was exhausting. Just once, she indicated, she wanted to come downstairs to the silence that she had been accustomed to before your retirement.
Her announcement took you completely by

4 Things You May Not Have Known About the One and Only Shelby Mustang Convertible

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Shelby-made vehicles are often talked about as the stuff of legends. Founder Carroll Shelby led the movement in manufacturing famous vehicles like the AC Cobra and Mustang-based cars for Ford Motor Company known as Shelby Mustangs, meant for performance driving.

Shelby manufacturers are known for bold craftsmanship and decisions. For example, in order to appease insurance companies, manufacturers advertised the Shelby Mustang GT 500 as having a horsepower of 335, when the vehicle actually was closer to 400.

And just after Shelby American Inc?s creation in 1962 until 1968, Shelby built an impressive 350 big-block and 654 small-block Cobras. But according to Mustang 360 (The Rarest Shelby M